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The Knight technically does not 'jump' but it appears to be able to 'jump' over pieces of its own color as well as pieces of its opponent's color. The other pieces of the same color cannot jump over each other. Neither can the other pieces jump over an opponent's piece.

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Q: Can the same color chess piece jump over each other?
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How do you play wizard chess?

You say where you want your chess piece to go (C5, etc) and it goes there. That's the only thing that's different from normal chess apart from the chess pieces whacking and breaking each other.

Which chess piece always remains on the coloured squares?

The bishop will always remain on the color on which he begins the game. He is confined to that color for the duration of the match, and the use of the two bishops give a player a bishop on each color.

Can bishop eat three chess pieces together in a single move?

No, each chess piece can only take one in a single movement.

How many pieces are there in a chess game?

32 in all; 16 of each color

How many moves after one piece left in chess?

It doesn't mater if there is one piece on each side of it I king and king whoever captures the other king first so it doesn't mater

What was chess in roman times?

roman chess was a kids game layed between each other

What are the function of the chess pieces?

The purpose of the chess pieces is to capture your opponent's king thus winning the game . To know how each chess piece functions/moves refer to the related link below .

Who is known as the king of chess?

The 'king' is the tallest and the 'most valuable' piece in chess--when the king is trapped, the game is over. Both sides have one king each, and it is the only back-rank piece that a pawn cannot be promoted.

What is the value of 2 bishops in chess?

Each bishop in chess can only move diagonally. One can traverse only on white squares the other one only on black squares. The bishop piece can also be used to block the opponent, such as facing a pawn.

In the game chess what type of piece is involved in the move en passant?

The pieces involved are the pawns of each player.

Do you always have to move a piece each turn in chess?

Yes , each player must always make a move in each turn . The rules do not allow for the "skipping" of a move .

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