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The Queen may not move as you described because it is an illegal move - only the knight has the power to jump other Chess pieces . ~ See related link below for more information as to how the Queen moves .


In regular chess, the Queen cannot jump any pieces at all. (The only piece which can jump an intervening pawn or piece is the Knight.)*

However, there are versions of chess with alternate rules, known collectively as fairy chess, in which the Queen might be granted Knight-like features, including the ability to jump over a piece rather than capturing it.

*And the King, while castling, can in a sense be said to have jumped over the Rook.

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Q: Can the queen jump 2 pieces at once in chess?
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Does the king face the queen in chess?

In chess , once the pieces are set up , at the beginning of the game where they face their counterparts such as king opposite king .

In chess made the first move?

In standard chess, with white/black pieces, white makes the first move. He may move any of his pawns forward one or two squares, or move his knights to the either of the two squares each can reach. For chess with differently coloured pieces, or novelty pieces, there isn't quite as easy a rule. Generally you would set the board up as normal with the queens opposite. Once this is done, whoever has the pieces with the queen on their left would move first.

Chess if a pawn gets to the end of the chess board get you get a new queen if you already have one?

Once a pawn reaches the last rank the pawn can be promoted to any piece except the king . Yes , if you already have a queen the pawn can be promoted to another queen .

What is the most versatile chess piece?

Though the Queen is the most powerful of the pieces, the knight has the unparalleled ability to attack overother pieces. It can, even with its modest range, reach out and touch an oponent in ways that continue to delight players of every level. No friendly or opposing pieces can get in its way or block it once it rides into action.

How many times can you move a king in chess?

Only once, but in any direction. The queen is the best piece.

In Chess can the Queen do the knight moves?

No, the queen cannot make the same moves as a knight. A queen can move like a rook, or a bishop. Meaning, she can either move diagonally, vertically, or horizontally in a straight line around the chess board, as long as no pieces are obscuring her path. The knight, can move once in any non-diagonal direction then twice in any of the four direction, except for the one it came from. Or, it can move twice in any non-diagonal direction then once in any of the three directions it hasn't moved in, and will always resemble an 'L'. In addition to this, knights can move over any pieces in its path.

What chess pieces are allowed to be promoted?

In the game of chess only the pawns enjoy the privilege of being promoted once they reach the end of the board to any piece other than the King .

What is forking in chess?

Forking is the act of threatening several enemy pieces or weaknesses at once to gain an advantage over the opponent. This technique can be used to improve the positioning of your pieces or to win material. Any of your pieces can be used to fork the opponent. Even the pawns and the King are powerful if used effectively. For example, if the King and the Queen were forked by a Knight, the King is forced to move out of check, allowing the Knight to capture the queen on the next move.

Can a castle turn into a queen in chess?

No. Only pawns can turn into queens once they have successfully reached the opposite end of the board.

In chess when a piece crosses the chess board do you get your queen back?

Only the pawn can be promoted to another chess piece once the pawn reaches the 8th rank . The pawn can not be promoted to a king .The rules only allow the pawn to be promoted upon the eighth rank . At that time the pawn can then be promoted to a queen or any other chess piece with the sole exception of the king .

Can two queens be used equally in chess?

Yes , once a pawn is promoted to Queen the player can use both equally but only one move at a time .

Can you castle more than once in chess?


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