Can the queen be sacked

Updated: 9/22/2023
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Q: Can the queen be sacked
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What queen sacked the Spanish armada and established an empire during the Age of Exploration?

Elizabeth 1

When was Ur sacked?

well you see... when Ur was sacked, he died. Most people think Ur was not sacked, but BALL sacked. i hope this helps. have a nice day. :)

Who sacked and destroyed the city of rome in 476?

The Gauls sacked and destroyed the city of Rome in 476.

Is it bad to be sacked in football?

Yes it's bad to get sacked jeez

How many times has the lions quarterback been sacked in 2008?

QBs for the Detroit Lions were sacked 52 times in the 2008 season. Jon Kitna was sacked 15 times, Dan Orlovsky and Daunte Culpepper were sacked 14 times each, Drew Stanton was sacked 6 times, and Drew Henson was sacked 3 times.

How do you get a teacher sacked?

why get them sacked when you can hire an assassin and get them killed :D hope this helped.

How times did Brady get Sacked in Super bowl 42?

He was sacked 5 times

Who has been sacked the most in 2005?

David Carr of the Houston Texans, was sacked 68 times during the season. He was sacked about 4.5 times a game.

How many marriages did Queen Boudica have?

she had one husband who was sacked by the Romans and she took his place by leading the "iceni Tribe" of East Anglia. she did some amazing things in her time of rule

How many times were the Cleveland Browns quarterbacks sacked in the 2006 season?

According to Database Football, Charlie Frye was sacked 44 times, Derek Anderson was sacked 8 times, and Ken Dorsey was sacked 1 time.

What is the highest number of managers sacked in a pemiership season?

The maximun number of managers sacked in one season was, nine in the 1994 - 95 season, these were as follows ;* Arsenal - Sacked George Graham after he admitted receiving illegal payments in relation to a transfer deal three years earlier, * Aston Villa - Sacked Ron Atkinson, * Coventry City - Sacked Phil Neal, * Crystal Palace - Sacked Alan Smith, after they were relegated that season, * Everton - Sacked Mike Walker, * Ipswich Town - John Lyall, * Manchester City - Sacked Brian Horton, * Sheffield Wednesday - Trevor Francis, * Tottenham Hotspur - Sacked Osvaldo Ardiles.

Where was Brendan Rodgers sacked?

Brendan Rodgers was sacked as manager by Liverpool Football Club.