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no he can not

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Q: Can the quarterback get hit after throwing the ball?
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What is it called when the quarterback is hit after he throws the ball?

Nothing. He is just tackled.

Can you hit the ball with your head in volleyball?

yes, you can hit the ball with any part of your body as long as your not holding it then throwing it or lifiting it up with your hands

What is the definition of underhand serve?

In an underhand serve, you ball you fist and hit the ball with the palm of you hand while in the fist. You hit it like you are throwing a ball underhand. Good luck!

What are some rules for football?

Football has many rules such as:you have to hike the ball in a certain amount of time after the ref blows the first whistle or it's a delay of gameone you put your hand on the ground when your on offense and the quarterback says down you cant move on the offense or it's a false startwhen you're on defense or offense you can not be in front of the ball when it is snapped or it will be an off sides call on the defense or the offensewhen you're on defense or offense you can not grab another player by the face-mask or it is a face-mask call on the defense or the offensewhen the quarterback is throwing the ball and the ball is about to hit the receiver in the hands and you hit the receiver before it hits his/her hands then it's a pass interference callwhen the quarterback has already handed the ball or thrown the ball you can not hit the quarterback unless you are one step away otherwise it will be a late hit call, same goes for when the play is over and you hit another playerwhen you are on defense you can not hit the offensive lineman when the ball has not been snapped yet or it will be an encroachment call on the defenseThere are more rules to football than this but these are just a few.

What is the point of dodgeball?

You are to hit the people on the other team by throwing a ball at them, getting them out.

What do the center and quarterback do?

In the NFL the center and quarterback are one of many positional relationships on the field of play. The Center in the NFL gives or 'snaps' the ball to the quarterback. He does this by either throwing it between his legs or handing to the Quarterback between his legs. Another job of the center is to protect the Quarterback from being tackled or 'sacked' by a defensive player and to create running lanes for the player running the ball by moving or 'blocking' a/some defensive player/s. It is the Quarterbacks job to receive the ball from the center then either throw the ball to a receiver, hand it/ pitch the ball to a runner or keep it himself and run the ball. Also in special situations when time is elapsing in the final moments of the game to waste time in an effort to preserve the lead, a quarterback will receive the ball from the center snap and kneel with the ball to use the game clock and the play clock to run out of time.

What are the basic rules of dodgeball?

well throwing the ball at someone if a person catches the ball when u throw it at them then ur out if u get hit with a ball ur out

What is a function of a football player?

it depends on his or her position for example a cornerback tries to stop the wide receiver from catching the ball which is thrown by the quarterback the linebacks have to stop the quarterback from throwing the ball by sacking him or something other than that. there are more positions so search

Why does a quarterback lick his fingers before throwing the football?

to get a better grip on the ball before it is snapped. saliva has a mucus type substance that when rubbed into the skin acts as a softener and therefore always the ball to grip better

When a quarterback in CFL throw the ball away or grounds it does a penalty depend on wether or not he had passed the line of scrimmage?

If the ball fails to pass the line of scrimmage, it is penalized as Intentional Grounding. The player who hit the quarterback is still awarded the sack.

A Guide to Throwing a Football?

More DIY videos at 5min.comPlaying quarterback is a dream shared by millions of kids from the first time they put on a jersey and football helmet. Fulfilling that football dream means mastering the skills required to play the quarterback position. Learning how to properly throw a football is a natural starting point. Throwing a football begins with mastering some basic fundamentals.A quarterback starts out by learning how to correctly grip the football. How your hand grips the football directly influences the distance, direction and speed it travels when you release it. The fingers are placed across the laces and the fingertips should grip the laces. The thumb should grip the opposite side of the ball. A proper grip leaves a little bit of space between the palm of the hand and the ball.Poor gripping mechanics can prove costly for a quarterback and their team during an actual game. If the quarterback does not hold onto the ball properly, they can fumble it when hit by a defensive player or if the ball is wet because of poor weather conditions.When a quarterback throws the ball, they follow a specific motion. A forward pass starts when the center hikes the ball off the ground and the quarterback catches it. They backpedals a designated number of steps and brings their arm to helmet level. The quarterback cocks back their arm and brings it forward in a throwing motion. They release the ball at the tail end of the motion, with the index finger being used to direct the spiral.The index finger can be used to direct the ball to a particular receiver as it is released. A quarterback will have several options on any given passing play. They must make quick eye contact with their intended target and point their body in the direction they wish to throw before releasing the ball.After mastering the basic mechanics, working in a variety of nuances with passing plays is easy. A quarterback can roll out behind their offensive line and throw on the run instead of simply dropping back to pass. They can also adjust the trajectory and velocity on a pass by making small adjustments to their throwing motion.Practicing throwing mechanics is important because it helps them become second nature. In a game, a quarterback will have only a few seconds to find their receiver and throw the ball before a defensive player tackles them. Holding onto the ball too long may result in the quarterback getting sacked or a defensive player intercepting the pass.

What will a quarterback be penalized for throwing the ball if he has crossed the line of scrimmage?

The penalty for throwing a forward pass past the line of scrimmage is 5 yards and is called 'Illegal Forward Pass'. The penalty also carries a loss of down.

What is it when the center passes the ball to the quarterback?

A Hike or Snap Is when the center hands the ball to the quarterback.

Player throws his glove at a baseball does not hit ball?

Nothing happens but it reflects poorly on the player throwing the glove. If he does hit the ball with his glove a dead ball is called and the runners advance two bases and the fielder is charged with an error.

Motion similar to throwing a ball?

throwing a tennis ball

What are the rules for throwing in rounders?

The throwing rules are that if you throw it to high, to low, to far to the side or if you hit the bowler it is classed as a no ball this is decided by the bowling umpire and the batting umpire

What is wrong with Stewart Scott's eye?

He was hit in the eye with a football in 2002, thrown from a ball-throwing machine.

Is throwing a ball a linear function?

No. Throwing a ball is a quadratic function.

What are the basic rules for dodgeball?

you get the ball and you try to hit the opposing team with it and if u hit them there out but if they catch the ball your out. keep throwing the balls until their whole team has been eliminatedBasically just throw the balls at the other team and don't get hit.if you get hit with the ball you are out until someone catches the ball then who ever threw the ball is out and the last person that was is back in

What does throwing out the runner mean?

Throwing out the runner means that the batter hit the ball and a fielder fielded the ball and got the batter out running to first. It could also mean that the catcher threw the ball to second base when a girl was trying to steal and got her out. The same thing applies to third base.

A hiked ball that is handled or dropped by the quarterback is a what?

The transfer of the ball from the center to the quarterback is called a 'snap'.

What is it called when a center passes the ball to the quarterback?

A Hike or Snap Is when the center hands the ball to the quarterback.

On a foul shot does the ball need to hit the rim?

In basketball the ball on a foul shot the ball must hit the rim or another player before the man throwing the ball can touch it. That is the Wilt Chamberlain rule. He would throw the ball against the backboard, catch it, and throw it in for 2 points. That is not permitted any more.

Is it a hit for the batter when an infielder holds the ball instead of throwing it to a base to get an out?

If he catches the ball on the fly he is out. If he fields a ground ball and does no throw to first he is safe. If he pops up and the umpire rules "infield fly" he is out.

Who is the farthest throwing quarterback in the NFL ever?

Peyton manning