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Yes, a Basketball filled beyond its capacity will burst or explode.

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Q: Can the psi of a basketball make it explode?
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Can a basketball explode?


What is the psi of NBA basketball?

7 1/2 and 8 1/2 psi

What is the psi in the explosion point of a basketball?

I pumped up a basketball to 60 PSI, at about 55 it started making crackling noises, when I got to 60 PSI the crackling noise was constant and within 2 seconds of reaching 60 PSI the ball exploded. The ball was a Wilson Optima Rubber Basketball .

How do you check the psi of a basketball?

The gauge on your pump, if you have one.

What air pressure should a basketball have?

9.5 PSI

How many psi should you put in a basketball?

For NBA regulation basketballs, the requirement is between 7.5 and 8.5 psi. Your basketball may vary, and if it does, the packaging should state how much psi should be used. Source:

What is the proper air pressure in a 28.5 basketball?

About 8 PSI

What air pressure of a official rubber basketball?

7.5 to 8.5 psi

Does PSI affect how a basketball bounce?

Yes it does . Lower psi than needed to completely fill the ball would make it bounce less. More would makeitbounce a bit higher . But only to a certain point

What psi measurements do you need to make a basketball bounce the same on an indoor basketball court and on an outdoor court?

pressure would always change due to temp, so u gotta take that into account.

What is the recommended concrete strength for a basketball court?

A concrete strength of 3500 PSI should be just right for a basketball court.

What instrument measures psi?

Tire gauge, and some basketball and bicycle pumps.

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