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A goal keeper may pick up a ball directly from a throw-in by an opponent.

A goal keeper may not pick up a ball directly from a throw-in by a teammate. This is one of the Indirect Free Kick infractions.

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Q: Can the goalkeeper pick up the ball from a throw in?
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In soccer can a goalkeeper kick the ball from outside and pick it up by hands?

It depends on how the goalkeeper received it. If the goalkeeper received it from a deliberate kick or a throw-in by a team-mate, then no. Otherwise, yes.

Can the goalkeeper pick up the ball?

Only inside the box.

If a goalkeeper drops the ball can he pick it up again?

yes he can. as a goalkeeper you dont give up on goal never ever!

Can a goalkeeper put the ball down in his area then pick it back up again?

yes he/she can for example if the goalkeeper is going to kick the ball and puts it down he/she can pick it up and move it somewhere else.

Can a goalkeeper pick the ball up from a throwin?

Only if it was thrown-in by the opponents, not from a team-mate.

When is the goalkeeper not allowed to pick up the ball?

When their are outside their own Penalty Area. When their teammate passes it to them deliberately with their feet. When their teammate directly performs a throw-in to them. After, after having possession of the ball in their hands, they release the ball. (dribbling doesn't count)

Which player on the team throws the ball?

Any player is allowed to take a throw-in. Also the goalkeeper can throw the ball after legally picking it up during the course of play.

Can a goalkeeper in soccer pick up a ball that has been chested back to him?

Yes it can be done, as it is not a back pass.

Can a goalkeeper pick up the ball if it is passed back inside the box?

No, a keeper may not pick the ball up on a pass back. If they do so, an indirect free kick is awarded to the opposing team.

Can the goalkeeper pick up the ball off of a throw in from his own player?

A goal keeper may not handle a ball that is thrown-in directly to them by team-mate. If they do so, an indirect free kick will be awarded to the opposing team at the location they handled it. so no.

What is the passback rule?

If a defender passes the ball back to his own goalkeeper using his feet then the keeper cannot pick it up, he can only use his feet to clear or pass the ball. however if the defender passes the ball back to his keeper using another part of his body (excluding arms and hands) then the goalkeeper can pick it up.

Can a goalkeeper move the ball from outside of the penalty area to the inside with his foot and then pick it up?

if it was not a pass back then he's allowed

Can a keeper pick up the ball if its thrown directly from a throw in from an opposing player?

Of course.

Can a goal keeper go in to the other team's penalty area and pick the ball up?

No, the only place a goalkeeper may handle the ball is in his own penalty area.

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Can a goalkeeper bring the ball back into the box and pick it up?

This would depend on how the goal keeper received it in the first place. If it was kicked or thrown-in to them directly from a team-mate then they cannot pick it up. Otherwise, it is allowed.

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Can a defender head the ball back to the keeper in soccer?

Yes, and its also one of the only cases where the goalkeeper can use his hands to pick it up from a pass from the defense.

How long can a goalkeeper keep the ball in his hands?

A goalie can use their hands to touch or pick up the ball when the ball is within their penalty area, they havenโ€™t received it directly from a back pass or throw-in from a member of their own team, and they havenโ€™t just dropped the ball from their hands. Sure, when the referee calls for a kick off or goal kick or something, the goalie should obey their command and do whatever needed with the ball.

Can a goalkeeper pick up the ball if it is passed back to him by his own players knee?

Yes. The rule that prohibits passes to the goal keeper only specifies "kicked with the feet."

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Can a goalkeeper pick up the ball after receiving a back-pass from the foot?

No. This is an Indirect Free Kick offense. (By the way, direction doesn't matter... it doesn' t have to go backward.)

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