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In rally play, which is done in most high schools and colleges, the ball can legally hit the net during a serve.

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Q: Can the ball legally hit the net on a serve in volleyball?
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When receiving a serve in volleyball can the ball be double hit?

In indoor volleyball, no person can double hit the volleyball unless the middle (blocker) hit the ball after a block.

What is overhand serve in volleyball?

overhand serve is when you throw the volleyball directly in front of you then lift your arm up hit the center of the ball with as much force as possible

What does an over-head serve mean in volleyball?

you through the ball up and hit it with the palm of your hand

What are aims of volleyball?

By the aims of volleyball, if u mean goals, are to set up a play to score a point. If u mean where to hit the ball, you can hit/serve the ball into one of the 9 sections on court

What does a serve in volleyball mean?

The serve is the first hit. To serve, the player stands behind the serving line (the line at the back of the court) and must hit the ball over the net without making the ball go out of bounds.

What are two ways a served ball can be received legally in volleyball?

Well you're allowed to have an underhand serve, which is a serve where you just swing your arm back while taking two steps, then hit the ball. You hit the ball with your fist. Then a side serve is pretty much the same except there's more power, and your arm is more at a 80 degree angle. You hit the ball with your fist. Then an overhand (or overhead) serve is a serve where you take a couple of steps and hit the ball with your hand over your head. You can hit it with your fist or will your hand. I personally prefer using my hand. Hope this helps!

Can a ball hit the floor before hitting the it back over the net after a serve?

No, in volleyball the ball cannot hit the floor once it is served or else it is considered a"dead" ball.

What is an serve in volleyball?

When you throw the ball up in the air with one hand and hit it with the palm of your other hand.

New rules in volleyball?

You can hit the net on a serve or hit and have it go over and it is still valid. You can kick the ball if it hits your feet.

What is a overhand serve?

Its a type of volleyball serve when the server swings their hand over their head to hit the ball over the net to the other team.

How is the overhand serve done in volleyball?

You serve an overhand volley ball by tossing it in the air over your head and then hitting the ball with a flat hand. Keep practicing and you'll get the hang of it!

What is a serve?

In tennis, a serve is when the player with the ball hits the ball into the opposite square from which they are standing in on the other side of the court. Example: Standing on the right side, you hit the ball in the square on the left side. In volleyball, a serve is when the ball goes over the net.

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