Can the Orlando Magic win the NBA Finals?

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2011-02-08 19:51:06

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Yes. Dwight Howard and Gilbert Arenas will work together and the Magic will win the Finals. So yeah,they can win the Finals.

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2011-02-08 19:51:06
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Q: Can the Orlando Magic win the NBA Finals?
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Did the Orlando Magic ever win the NBA finals?


How many NBA finals did the magics win?

The Orlando Magic have never won an NBA Championship.

Did the Orlando Magic or the la lakers win the 2009 nba finals?

No the Orlando magic lost the NBA finals, 4-1 game. the LA lakers winning 4 games first and the Orlando magic only winning one.- j

Did the Orlando Magic win a NBA championship?

The Orlando Magic have not won any NBA Championships as of the start of the 2010 season. They made it to the NBA Finals 2 years, in 1995 and 2009. But they lost to the eventual champions, Houston Rockets and Los Angeles Lakers respectively. in the 2010 NBA playoffs, the Magic are undefeated through 2 rounds of play and are a very strong contender for the Finals.

Who will win in NBA trophy this year?

Orlando Magic

Which NBA team won championship game 2009?

The Los Angeles Lakers defeated the Orlando Magic, 4 games to 1, to go on and win the 2009 NBA Finals.

Who won the 2010 NBA finals game?

The 2010 NBA finals hasn't started yet. The teams who will win the conference finals are the one who will advance. It could be between Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic or Los Angeles Lakers and Phoenix Suns.

Who will win the 2009 NBA finals?

the magic will win the nba finals in 7 games magic win 4 lakers win 3 magic will win game 7: score will be 113 to 116 lakers win in 5 Final Score will be 99-86 Lakers winning the championship

Will the lakers win the finals?

It is entirely possible for the lakers to win the NBA championship. They are about to enter the Western Conference Finals against the Phoenix Suns. If they win, they will face the winner of the Boston Celtics and Orlando Magic series. They won the championship last year and can win again.

Who is the only rookie to win the nba finals mvp award?

Magic Johnson

Did the lakers win the 1980 NBA finals?

Yes, the Lakers won the 1980 NBA finals against the 76er's...and the MVP of the game was Magic Johnson.

What player has the most NBA finals wins?

i think its bill Russel because in terms of winning championships, he has 9 rings on his fingers.. in coaches wins in an nba finals, Phil Jackson is the most wins having 10 championships and its latest win against Orlando magic..

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