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Q: Can the Atlanta Falcons make it to the NFL playoff season?
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Who did the Atlanta Falcons play in the 98'99' playoffs?

The Atlanta Falcons 1998 postseason: Divisonial-San Francisco 49ers W 20-18 NFC Championship-Minnisota Vikings W 30-27(OT) Super Bowl-Denver Broncos L 19-34 The Atlanta Falcons didnt make the playoffs in there 1999 season there finished the season 5-11 and 3rd in the NFC West

Did the atlanta falcons used to be AFC?

Actually, the Atlanta Falcons were almost a team in the AFC. On June 7, 1965, local businessmen had made a deal with the American Football League (AFL) to make the Atlanta Falcons a member of the AFL. However, in 1966, Atlanta declared that their new football team would be joining the National Football League (NFL).

How much does Tony gonzalez make?

Tony Gonzalez has a salary of $3. 5 million. He is a former tight end for the Atlanta Falcons, and retired at the end of the 2013 season.

Will the bulls make the playoff?

For the 2009-2010 season, not unless a miracle happens.

The Chicago Blackhawks last playoff appearance?

In the 2008-2009 season and will make another appearance in the 2009-2010 season.

When did the Atlanta Falcons make the Super Bowl?

They made it in 1997 but they lost to the broncos and haven't been back since then

Did the falcons make the playoffs with mike Vick?

Michael Vick played with the Falcons between 2001-2006. In those six seasons, the Falcons made the playoffs twice. In 2002, the Falcons were a wildcard team and won in the wildcard round of the playoffs against the Green Bay Packers. They lost the following week in the Divisional round to the Philadelphia Eagles. In 2004, the Falcons won their division and the Divisional round playoff game against the St. Louis Rams. They lost the following week in the NFC Conference championship game to the Eagles. As the Falcons QB, Vick had a playoff record of 2-2.

Did the panther's make it to the playoff's this year?

This past season (2012) the Panthers went 7-9 and didn't make the playoffs.

How much does the chain gang make in the NFL?

For regular season games around 50$ and for playoff games around 100$.

What is the Atlanta Falcons' longest winning streak?

They won 9 in a row in 1980, that is the longest I can find. They are on an 8 game winning streak now, in the 2010 season, with 2 games remaining. The Falcons won the last 9 games of their 1998 season. They went on to win two playoffs for a Super Bowl appearance where they lost to the Denver Broncos. That would make an 11 game streak including post-season play. In 1980, in a 12-4 regular season, their 9 game winning streak ended when they lost the last game of the season. They were eliminated in the first round of the playoffs.

How many games did the Colts win in 2007?

The Colts regular season record in 2007 was 13-3. They lost their playoff game to make their overall record for the 2007 season 13-4.

How many team make playoff after going 1 and 5?

It all depends on what the team does later in the season, but teams rarely do it. I say 1 out 20 do.