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No - once a player has fouled out of the game he/she is disqualified and not permitted to perform any role on the court.

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Yes. The team decides who they want to shoot the free throw.

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Q: Can technical fouls be shoot by any player?
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Can a player be ejected for the season for technical fouls?

Yes, but only in a very specialized instance. Only when a double technical is called and it is the second technical foul for one of the offenders. In this case, the player with the second technical foul is ejected and both teams will shoot free throws, which is not normally the case with double technical fouls. The team without an ejected player may choose their own shooter, however, the other team can select any player on the opposing team to shoot in the place of the ejected player. This is effectively the only time a player will come off the bench to shoot free throws. The only other instance this is a possibility is when a player is injured and must leave the floor prior to technical free throws being taken.

How many technical fouls can a player get to be fouled out of a game in the NBA?

Once you get 16 technical fouls, suspensions will result.

Are there any technical fouls on nba 2k13 for ps3?


When does a player enter the free throw lane after a free throw is shot?

well theY go for the ball on the 2nd or 3rd shot depends on where the foul is or number of fouls. and theY can move when the free thrower shooter shoots the ball but in little leagues well in most theY move when the ball hits the rim.

Fouls in basketball?

Fouls in basketball are when a player makes aggresive contact to a player on the opposing team.

How many fouls can a player get before having to sit the rest of game in volleyball?

There is no such thing as fouls in volleyball. Well, a player can get a foot foul, and that is when the players foot touches or crosses serving line. You can get as many of those as you want. There really isn't any fouls in volleyball like there are in basketball

What are some fouls that happen during a basketball game?

Offensive, defensive, technical, and flagrant. Offensive is when your team has the ball and is trying to score and someone on your team fouls a defensive player. Defensive is the opposite of offensive. Technical is when a player or is being unsportsmanlike to a player, coach, or ref. If you are T'd up (called for a technical foul) twice, you are ejected from the game and may receive fines or suspensions depending on how often you get technical fouls and the reason you got the technical foul. Flagrant is intentionally fouling a player very hard, typically resulting in injury/ies. Examples are stopping a layup by checking someone with your body (imagine Shaquille O'Neal colliding with Steve Nash and think of the impact). If the flagrant foul is bad enough, it can become a flagrant 2. If you get a flagrant 2 you are ejected immediately.

What is the NBA policy for team fouls?

If the team has 6 fouls total, they're "in the penalty" meaning any foul is resulted in a free throw, to the other team. It doesn't have to be a "shooting foul" it can be a "reach in", "block", "charge", "loose-ball", and you'll still go to the line for two (or one if you committed a and-one, or three if you're fouled and at the 3-point line while shooting and you miss). And a "technical" will result in one shot. After the quarter is over the team fouls are gone, however the NBA player's fouls will still be there.

How many fouls you get per game?

In most leagues it is 5 fouls until you are out. However, in some tournaments they can make up whatever rules they want so any number of fouls. But basically it is 5 fouls. -Kristen (I have played basketball for 6 years)

What happens if a basketball team goes over there foul limits?

When a foul is commited, you either shoot free-throws if it is in the act of shooting, or you retain possession. If the team that fouls has 7,8, or 9 fouls, you are in bonus and you shoot 1 and one (if you make the first free throw you get to shoot the other free throw and if you miss it it is up for grabs) and if the other team has 10+ fouls, you get to shoot both free throws. If the foul is in the act of shooting beyond the 3-point line, you get to shoot 3 free-throws.

What is a technical foul in nba?

A "technical foul" is different from a "personal foul". It dose not count as a "team foul". There is no physical contact. However it can be at times. Technicals are called when: a player stands in the "paint" (pass the free throw line under or in front of the goal) for three seconds. If your team is on offence, you commit an "offensive 3-second call", the other team gets the ball. If you're on defense you get a "defensive 3-second call" the other team gets a free throw, which is worth one point, that's how it's done in the NBA. Other technicals can be if the couch or a team player continues to argues with the referee. If that happens the other team gets a free throw for one point. If a player gets enough technicals in a game he/she will be "ejected" meaning they have to leave and cannot participate for the rest of the game, they can't even sit on the bench, the have to leave (NBA rules). If a player/coach gets seven technicals in the season/playoffs they get suspended (NBA rules). Refs. can also call technicals if a player tries to swing at another player, (that mostly will result in an immediate ejection), or if a player taunts another player.

Is 6 fouls in the NBA a foul-out?

When you get 6 fouls in any nba game you foul-out of the game and that player who received the 6 fouls has to sit on the bench for the remainder of the game. If there are only 5 players who are able to play and everybody else is either injured, inactive or has fouled-out, then if another player gets fouled-out then there would be only 4 players able to play but under the nba rule book there always has to be 5 players on the court so that last player who is supposed to foul-out has to stay in the game but other than that yes, 6 fouls in a nba game is a foul-out