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Q: Can soccer players wear plastic glasses in professional football in A ustralia?
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When were the plastic spectacle Glasses lenses invented?

= plastic spectacle Glasses lenses invented 1934 =

Why are glasses called glasses when they are really made of plastic?

Technically, if they are made of plastic, then they aren't glasses. They might be fake glasses, for diguises etc... Often, real glasses do have a thin layer of plastic over the glass so that they don't crack, but plastic doesn't do anything as far as focusing a person's eyesight.

Where can I find outdoor glasswear that is shatter proof online?

Try Their plastic glasses meet virtually every look and budget. They feature only plastic drinkware made of higher-quality plastics to offer worry-free, easy-care style for everyday use, indoors and out. You'll find: unbreakable plastic tumblers, drinking glasses, stackable plastic glasses, wine glasses, polycarbonate tumblers, plastic wine glasses, martini glasses, margarita glasses, champagne flutes, plastic beer mugs, pilsner glasses and plastic pitchers.

Where can one shop for plastic wine glasses?

There are many places a person can shop and find plastic wine glasses. Target, Kmart, Party City and Walmart all sell plastic wine glasses in their stores and on their websites.

What are other lenses than glasses?


What plastic is a football made from?

Traditionally, a football is made from leather. However, sometimes footballs can be made of plastic. This plastic is called acrylic plastic.

Which type of plastic is used to make your glasses?

Pvc is used to make dissposable glasses

What are pretender glasses?

pretender glasses are glasses that do not have a prescription in them. its just simply a plastic lens. Many people where pretender glasses because they like the way they look with glasses.

Why use plastic frames on glasses?

Plastic is durable, flexible, and less expensive to replace.

What is the definition of Laboratory Disposable Glass?

plastic glasses

Will a plastic football go farther than a pro football?


Are the lenses in glasses made from glass or plastic?

they are made from glass

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