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The Queen may not move as you described because it is an illegal move - only the knight has the power to jump other Chess pieces . ~ See related link below for more information as to how the Queen moves .


In regular chess, the Queen cannot jump any pieces at all. (The only piece which can jump an intervening pawn or piece is the Knight.)*

However, there are versions of chess with alternate rules, known collectively as fairy chess, in which the Queen might be granted Knight-like features, including the ability to jump over a piece rather than capturing it.

*And the King, while castling, can in a sense be said to have jumped over the Rook.

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A Queen can move more than one space, but it can never 'jump' an intervening piece. If the intervening piece is of the same colour, the Queen must halt her move on the preceding square. If the piece is an opponent's, the furthest she can go is to take the piece, stopping her move on that piece's square.

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Yes , the knight may jump over the queen just as it can any other chess piece - the knight may jump any chess piece .

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No. Only knights can jump over pieces

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Q: Can queens jump over things at chess?
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Can any person in chess jump over people like a knight?

The knight is the only chess piece that has this ability to "Jump Over" other chessmen .

Can the knight jump over the king in chess?

In chess, the king cannot jump over any squares. The king can move only one square at a time in any direction. The exception to this rule is castling, and a link to this related question can be found below.

In chess a knight can jump over opponents pieces but can it jump over more than one at a time?

The Knight technically does not 'jump' but it appears to be able to 'jump' over pieces of its own color as well as pieces of its opponent's color. The other pieces of the same color cannot jump over each other. Neither can the other pieces jump over an opponent's piece.

What pieces in chess has the power of jumping over pieces in the intervening squares to an unoccupied square within its range of movement?

Only the knight has this power/ability to jump over other chess pieces .

What type of PIECE in chess makes a l shame movement?

The knight also known as the horse makes an L-shape in chess. It is also the only piece that can jump over other pieces.

Can you jump your own piece with a king in a game of checkers?

Only the knights are able to jump over another chess piece. The king can only move one square at a time.

In chess what is the only piece is able to jump over other pieces?

The only piece that can jump over other pieces is the knight (the horse). It might also be helpful to review the rules on castling as the king appears to jump its own rook (castle) in this move.

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Where in chess does the queen move?

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