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no. in order to play offensive line, the player must have an ineligible number (50-79)

all numbers except for those in the previously stated range are eligible as receivers and cannot play offensive line without declaring themselves ineligible to receive to the official prior to each play.

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Q: Can offensive football lineman wear number 90?
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What players wear number 99 in football?

defensive lineman and some linebackers do wear 99

What football players wear number 69?

Hahaha 69...but Jared Allen is a notable. 69 can be an offensive lineman, including center, guard, or tackle. 69 can also be a defensive lineman, including tackles and ends. It isn't an eligible receiver number.

What number does Trai Essex wear?

Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Trai Essex wears number 79.

What player wears 99 in football?

defensive lineman and some linebackers do wear 99

What kind of helmet do offensive lineman usually wear?

they wear Riddell Revolution and get the face mask with alot of bars or the face mask with a bar going through the middle of the face mask like the raiders offensive lineman Robert Gallery

Who are the football player that wear the number 99?

In the NFL system the numbers 90-99 are defensive lineman and linebackers. High School and college I don't think it matters as much.

Why can't football lineman wear long sleeves in cold weather?

If football offensive linemen, wore long sleeves it would give their opponents something extra to grab a hold of to throw them out of the way. Additionally, offensive linemen have their jersey sleeves tied up instead of hanging loose like their other teammates.

What are offensive lineman numbers?

According to NFL Rule 5, centers should wear 50-59 and guards/tackles should wear 60-79. Since linebackers also wear 50-59 a center may wear 60-79 if a number in the 50s is not available.

Who was the last player to wear number 69 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Offensive lineman, Ryan Lee, wears #69 for the Steelers. He is currently on the practice squad. Prior to Lee, Jamon Meredith wore #69 in 2011.

What athletes wear number 50?

In basketball, 50 is often worn by centers. In football, 50 may be worn by offensive or defensive linemen and linebackers.

Can Lineman wear neck rolls?

Yes, lineman can wear neck rolls. The neck roll is worn primarily by linebackers and defensive linemen, although anyone can, and perhaps should, wear one.

Which football players wear number 77?


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