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The maximum batters to come to the plate without scoring a run is six. First three batters get on base. Fourth batter strikes out, as does the fifth batter and the sixth batter flys out to end the inning. Zero runs score. The minimum runs scored for nine batters in an inning would be three.

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Q: Can nine batters come to bat in one inning without scoring any runs?
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How can seven batters come to the plate and not score a run?

That;s an easy one: 3 out---3 left on base--1 took a pitch and was subbed due to injury. That is not possible. The most batter that could come to the plate in an inning with out a runs scoring is 6.

What is the greatest number of batters to have come to the plate in a single inning of baseball?


How can you have eight batters in one inning without scoring a run?

#1You cannot get 8 batters in 1 half inning, the most batters (roster spots) you can get to the plate in 1 half inning is 7 (although everyone here says 6, that is incorrect) -- in a half inning you can have 7 batter slots in the line up come up by:- 3 runners on, reaching in any manner (3 batters)- 2 batters get out (5 batters total)- batter puts ball in play everyone advances a base, including the guy from 3rd to home (6 batters)- batter is announced (making his appearance official), then without throwing a pitch, the defense team appeals a call (say the guy didnt touch home) -- ump calls him outthere you have it -- 7 batting slots in the lineup make official batters (because if a 7th batter is a pinch hitter, even though he never sees a pitch he is officially in the game, and takes the roster spot of the player he was subbed in for), no runs scored#2You can only have a maximum of 6 batters appear who receive official plate appearances in a half inning without scoring a run. As stated above, you get 3 runners on in any manner, and then the next 3 batters get out without anyone scoring (i.e strikeouts), this would be 6 batters total receiving a plate appearance. In the scenario above, the pinch hitter or the 7th 'batter' would not receive any official stat other then "+1 in games played"Discussion behind this answerTo give a solid answer to this question we would need to define what a "batter" is, is a player officially a batter when he is announced to the plate, once he receives a pitch, once his "plate appearance" is complete", ect?With pinch hitters, you could theoretically have any number of players bat in an inning (up to the roster limit of a team, I suppose).If it is one full inning and not a half inning, then you can simply by getting a couple runners on baseif you are a good team and your batters are good you can sometime go threough the line up once witch is nine players and maye one ore two or more the second time you run through your line up .

Who had two sacrifice bunts in one inning?

1941 Tiger pitcher Al Benton becomes the only major leaguer to have two sacrifice bunts in one inning as 17 batters come to bat in the third frame of a 11-2 rout of the Indians.

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That is the correct spelling of "inning" (one period in baseball, in which both teams come to bat).

What are the 9 inning in a baseball game?

Well, first comes the first inning. After that usually comes the second inning, followed by the third inning. Provided it isn't raining, then come the fourth, fifth and sixth innings, respectvely. Innings seven, eight and nine come last, in that order.

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On a scoreboard, the visitor's inning by inning score is shown above the home team's score. So the visitor's score is on the top and the home team's is on the bottom.

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3 outs must be made defensively for a half inning to come to an end

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I believe your question is asked wrong by mistake. I'll try to answer what you might have been asking. If you are asking how many outs a team has in a half-inning, the answer is 3. A full inning consists of both teams getting 3 outs each. If you are asking how many innings a team has in a complete game, the answer is actually 5. After the 5th inning a game is considered complete in case the weather does not permit it to go any further. If there are no obstructions, the game will last 9 innings. If the game is tied at the end of the 9th inning, then it will continue on to the 10th and so on, until a team scores ahead and the inning is completed. If I'm correct, "inning" means when the players "come in" to play, so it's possible to say that each team actually "comes in" twice per inning, since they "come in" on the field for one half and "come in" to bat for the other half. That answer is debatable, though. It all depends on how you look at it.

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