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no they are to big

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โˆ™ 2010-06-09 13:10:21
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Q: Can monster truck be driven on the road?
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What is the best Off-road car or truck in Gta sa besides the monster truck?


What do you get when a cow and a duck cross the road?

they get ran over by a monster truck

What is a monster in Grand Theft Auto San Andreas?

If you're talking about the Car(Monster Truck) It's a biig truck used to run over people and off-road.

Is a truck driven from the front or diff?

A truck is normally driven from the front.

What is the average salary of a Monster Truck driver?

A monster truck driver drives huge trucks, with very large tires that are massive compared to any normal trucks. These trucks are usually driven in rallies to show their power. The monster truck driver usually makes between 30 to 50 thousand dollars a year.

Is thunderbolt a monster truck name?

No it is not a monster truck name

What is the monster truck used for?

Mostly monster truck shows.

Does monster truck monster truck still drives?


What was the first monster truck to join monster jam?

monster trucks were invented in late 1970's by bob chandler and his monster truck Bigfoot were the first ones to use a monster truck

When did Monster Truck Madness happen?

Monster Truck Madness happened in 1996.

How much does a monster truck weigh?

A normal monster truck is about 12,000 pounds. It has to be at least 9,000 pounds to be considered a monster truck. If it's below that it's considered a truck.

How do you exterminate a monster buck?

Are you sure? A "monster truck?" Man, there is no way to kill a monster truck in real life. Anyone can edit this answer if they think there is a way to actually kill a monster truck.

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