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a junior can be on the jv volleyball team. You can't when you're a senior

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Q: Can junior varsity person be on a junior high volleyball team?
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What is the height for a junior varsity volleyball net for boys?

I believe the height for a junior varsity boys team is seven feet and four inches high.

Did Michael Jordan play junior high basketball?

Michael Jordan played for his JR high and High school. In high school. He played for Junior Varsity team and played for Varsity.

Is there a weight limit for high school junior Varsity players?


Is there a junior varsity and varsity for high school wrestling?

it depends what school you go to Most schools have both.

How many volleyball games are in a high school match?

In high school varsity volleyball games are played best 3 out of 5

Can a sophomore playing varsity high school football move back down to Junior Varsity?

Hell yeah

What is the maximum number of rostered players on a girls high school varsity volleyball team - How many players can suit up for a women's high school varsity volleyball game?

most teams i have seen and played on have had 12 to 13

What is the maximum number of players allowed on a high school varsity and junior varsity soccer team?

It is most definitely 22 players

Can a 17 year old Junior in High School that has never played football before play on a junior varsity team?

At most high schools, juniors are allowed to play on junior varsity teams. If you are good enough to make the team, you should be able to play.

What NFL running back made varsity in high school as a junior?

Shaun Alexander

What is A Varsity Cheerleading Team?

A varsity cheer leading team is a cheer team with younger kids. See, I'm in junior high, and I'm cheering with the high school, therefore, I'm a varsity cheer leader.

Who is the Raytown high school soccer coach?

Jeff Dierking- Head Coach and Varsity Coach Josh Luke- Junior Varsity Coach

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