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Well of course! Why couldn't they?

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Q: Can homeschooled kids play sports in NY?
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Are there any sports stadiums in Manhattan?

There are no sports stadiums located in Manhattan. However, there is Madison Square Garden, which is an indoor sports arena. The NY Rangers (NHL), NY Knicks (NBA) and NY Liberty (WNBA) play their homes games there.

Summer jobs for 14 yr old in Oneonta NY?

Summer jobs for 14 year olds may include helping kids with summer school homework. They may also teach kids how to play sports at community centers.

What is Adam's favorite sports team?

Ny jets ny yankees ny rangers Ny knicks

What is Adam Sandlers's favorite sports team?

Ny jets ny yankees ny rangers Ny knicks

What is Adam Sandler's favorite sports team?

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What school did Clara Barton go to?

Clara Barton went to LOiberal Instititute in Clinton Ny and when she was young she was homeschooled by her parents

What city in NY does the NY gaints play in?

The New York Giants no longer play in New York; their current stadium is part of the Meadowlands Sports Complex in East Rutherford, New Jersey. It is across the Hudson River from New York City.

What sports did Matt kemp play in high school?

Baseball and basketball. He won the state basketball title with Shelden Williams of the NY Knicks.

Where was Sports illustrated founded?

New York, NY

If you're homeschooled, can you get into college in NY?

As long as you pass all the appropriate college entrance exams and pass the state required high school graduation test, being accepted into college in NY shouldn't be a problem.

How many pro sports teams in NY?

1 the lakers

What are some popular team sports in NY?

Yankees Baseball

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