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it depends on the school or the state you are in

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Q: Can high school freshman join discus teams?
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What grade is freshman?

Freshman is the first year in high school or college

Are freshmans sixth graders?

No, usually high school freshman start as 9th graders. You can be a freshman in high school but that does have a number grade.

What is freshman class?

A Freshman is someone in their first year of high school or collage.

Which of these is most likely a short-term goal for a high school freshman?

A short-term goal for many high school freshman is to acclimate themselves to the high school setting. Many high school freshman have a goal just to become familiar with their new setting.

Are freshman high schoolers?

Not all. A freshman is a student during their first year in high school, university, or college.

Is 79 seconds a good time for the 400 meter for freshman in high school?

if u mean high school freshman then that is insane

What year did Tom Brady start playing football?

He started playing football when he was a child

What is a freshman's year?

The first year in High School.

What high school did Freshman WR Gary Bush attend?

Miami Columbus High School

How far did Michael Oher throw the discus in high school?


What teams did bobby bowden play for?

Bobby Bowden played for Woodlawn High in High School. He played as a Quarterback at University of Alabama as a Freshman. He played as a Quarterback at Howard (now Samford) as a Sophmore-Senior

In high school is it freshmen or freshman?

A freshmen or freshman is a 9th grader (first year of high school). Both are correct. Freshmen is plural: "The Freshmen sit in the first rows at the game." Freshman is singular: "The student waiting in the office is a Freshman."