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Yeah. Some notables: Rickey Henderson (Baseball and Football, pro baseball player) Frank Thomas (baseball and football, pro baseball player) dieon sanders (baseball and football, pro in both) and bo jackson, the greatest of them all (baseball and football, pro in both)

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Q: Can high school athletes play 2 different sports in same season for their school?
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What is the difference between an Athletic School and a Sports School?

The Athletic school is full of athletes, but the sports school is teaching people to be athletes.

Can high school athletes play two sports in same season for their school?

No, especially if one of the teams is a varsity team.

Should they cancel high school sports?

There is no necessity at all for canceling high school sports. High school athletes and none sports students all benefit from Varsity sports as well a sports played in gymnasiums. Gymnasium sports help build an athlete's body and also, sports at the high school level develops a camaraderie among the student athletes.

Athletes did not finish high school who plays perfessional sports?

less than half of the pro athletes finished high school

How many athletes play high school sports?

300 out of 5,000

Can Olympic athletes still play sports in high school?

No if they are curretly in the Olympics

How do drugs effect high school athletes?

Drugs are substances used by athletes to improve their performances in the sports in which they engage.

When was SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes created?

SPORTS for Exceptional Athletes was created in 2007.

Should you care about school if you're going to be an athlete?

Sure you should care about school. Many athletes play for school teams before eventually playing professionally. School provides opportunities for athletes. In addition, however wonderful sports may be, man does not live by sports alone. It is good to be a well rounded individual with other interests besides sports.

What is sports news?

Sports news is the information given to the public regarding different sporting events and the athletes who participate in them.

Should athletes get good grades to play Sports?

No, grades and sports performance are different aspects of being a collegiate student-athlete.

What percentage of high school athletes get to play professional sports?

Under one Percent

What percentage of pro athletes played high school sports?

Less than 1%

How many athletes are in the 2012 Olympic from France?

In 2012, the French Olympic Committee fielded 330 athletes in 24 different sports.

What is athletes?

athletes are people who do sports as a living

What can one find in the MaxPreps website?

MaxPreps is a website dedicated to high school sports and their athletes. One can search for athletes and teams to find player statistics and information. There are many sports which one can choose from.

What percent of high school athletes play sports in college?

1 in 100k get a d1 scholarship

How many Maltese athletes participated in 2012 olympic games?

Five athletes were selected to the team to compete only in 3 different sports.

Why do athletes have a different reaction time than persons who do not play sports?

muscle memory

People who play sports?


How many athletes did maldives send to the 2012 olympic games?

Five Divehi athletes were selected to the team, competing only in 3 different sports.

Should athletes go to school?

Yes athletes should go to school. Education is very important and I am sure if an athlete gets a good education he/she wouldn't regret it. Not only should athletes go to school, here's a strange thought, school should be primary to sports. That is, if they are not able to keep up with the work load of academia, they should not be permitted to participate in sports, that is they should not be permitted to play. Advocating for them to be removed from the team is counter productive. Sports should be the incentive it is to get students into school. School still needs to remain the most important part of the equation.

How does Sports Psychology help athletes?

It helps them become a better athlete because a sports psychologist works with the athlete to set goals, works to get the athlete mentally prepared for the upcoming season, and they work with the athlete to help chart the athletes progression of skills.

Should high school athletes be paid to play sports?

Absolutely not. Why would anyone even consider this?

What percentage of US high school athletes go on to play sports at the college level?

about 1-100,000