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It depends on how well you play. Being on the sports team and doing well will help get you into a better college.

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Q: Do children who play sports for their school have better grades than students that don't play sports for the school?
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Do students with children have lower grades?

If you have children and you are a minor still enrolled in school you don't automatically get bad grades.You get bad grades by not doing all of your work correctly.Although a child does add more to your work. Sorry if this doesn't answer your question fully.. At what level of education? As a general rule I would say yes, particularly in high school. In college I think it is less of an issue, because students with children tend to have a better focus on why they are in school at that level.

Do homeschooled kids have better grades than publicschooled kids?

No, children at public schools get better grades. They are taught by better "teachers" than their parents. The children at public schools have better oppurtunities to get into college. They have more experience and are heard from more than the isolated homeschooled kids. Students at public school get better amounts of time to study and get things done. Also, waking up early for public school trains children for when they get older and have to get up early for their jobs.

Do children that play video games make better grades in school?


Are homeschooled children smarter than public school children?

Yes homeschooled kids get better grades

Do school uniforms not help students grades?

School uniforms do help students grades only if you wear it and if you don't you'll get detention which will lower your grade and will go in your files

What are the improvement in learning and thinking ability of students from preschools to high school?

Research has shown for the last 40 years that children who attend preschool have better grades and learn faster than peers who didn't attend preschool.

Do you think that students should be paid by the school for good grades?

in reality students should not be paid but the school must give motivation to the students with good grades by giving them gifts like books, money and things of that kind

How does school sports teach discipline to students?

I think school sports teach students discipline by being able to keep up with their grades and do better from the moment they're on the team. It teaches them how to manage their time and organize their life.

Do the students who wear school uniform do better?

Generally, students who wear a school uniform do better in school.

What grades do the Gosselin children get in school?

The school grades for the minor children on the reality show 'Jon and Kate Plus 8' are not public information.

What things do students need for school?

Students need notebooks, folders, pencils and/or pens, erasers, compasses and protractors for math classes in fourth or fifth grade and higher grades, crayons for children in the lower grades, a pencil box to keep those items in, possibly a backpack to carry their books in (if allowed by the school), etc.

What are the benefits of having a school band?

One of the benefits of having a school band is engaging students in music. Studies have shown that students who participate in music classes make better grades, score higher in SAT exams and are more likely to stay in school and graduate from high school.

What grades are middle school students in?

Most middle school students start from 7th Grade & end in 8th Grade.

Does Exercise Improve Grades in Middle School Children?

Yes. Exercise can help improve sleep and help students study for longer hours.

What grades are needed for Harvard med school?

Since Harvard is an ivy league school they are looking for great grades. Most students have about a 4.0 GPA.

Do polish children have to school?

Yes, they have.Poles' children have to complete at least TWO schools:Primary School (6 grades) for kids at the age of 6.Secondary School (3 grades) for kids who complete all 6 grades of Primary School.Secondary School should also be called "High School (Tier 1)".Persons who complete its grades are not being forced to continue their education.Those who want to do so will become "High School (Tier 2)" Students.

Uniforms affect grades in high school?

They do affect grades. If the students are able to dress as they want, then they can be more focused and happy in school. If uniforms are in place, then they are focused but not happy. Therefore uniforms are not a bad thing but do not please the students.

Do students that play sports in high school have better grades?

Yes, they have because if they have low grades they will be drop out in the sport that they are up to. They should have high grades to continue their sport. Thus, sport should not be a hindrance to their studies.hope this answer of mine answer your question

How many high school student are currently being homeschooled?

About 340,000 high school students are homeschooled in the United States. About 2.1 million children (grades K-12) are homeschooled in the United States.

Do colleges look at quarterly high school grades?

Generally, the only grades that show up on your high school transcript are those for the semester. Quarterly grades are however helpful progress reports for the students.

What advice can you share to the poor students?

I give the students advice to be responsible,respectable to other students,to study to get good grades and do good in school.

What is the difference between grades and years at school?

Grades are levels, and years are time. Some students skip grades based on their results, while others are held back to repeat grades.

What is the percentage of children attending school on Mexico?

It depends on what degree are you talking about. Primary school (grades 1-6) is almost universally attended; after that, children drop in increasing percentages. Only 1 in 10 Mexican students finishes university/college degree.

Would you like to go to a school without tests or grades why or whynot List some of the possible positive and negative espects of such a school?

At one time preschool did not have grades or tests. It was impossible to fail. It simply got the children out of their mother's hair. At that age, children are self motivated to learn as much as possible and as fast as possible. Grades and tests come in when children need to be compared to other children and when problems need to be corrected. If a child makes a low score in reading, that child needs additional help in reading. Some children rebel against school in the fourth grade. At that point grades and tests are necessary to show that a good student has started slacking off. Tests are necessary to show if a child is developing and at what speed. Without tests, no one would know if a child is learning anything. For years, students in some states in the northern part of the United States did not receive grades in elementary school. They enjoyed the lack of pressure. Some mastered the material faster than others. The parents had no idea how fast their children were moving through the grades. In high school, grades indicate future possibilities. Almost every student knows that low grades means a career without college. Students like to know where they stand. A high school without grades does not let a student know if he will receive a college prep diploma or a certificate of attendance. Colleges have experimented with and without grades. Oxford and Cambridge in England did not give grades for a long time. Students needed to pass a test to get a degree. St. Johns in Annapolis, MD, avoided grades for a long time. Generally students want grades to know how they are doing. After college, people go to seminars which do not have grades. These are training sessions. They have no tests or grades. The proof of their success or failure is whether or not a person taking them gets a promotion or makes more money. That is more than a grade. In such situations a grade would be meaningless. It is the promotions and money that counts.

Is it against the law for parents to see other students grades at the school?

yes it is