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Q: Can goldberg come back at WrestleMania 28 to face the undertaker?
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Will undertaker come back after WrestleMania 27?


When will undertaker reappear?

undertaker will first come back and versing triple h on wrestlemania

When will undertaker come back after WrestleMania 27?

He is gonna come back on wwe summer slam.

When is the undertaker coming back after WrestleMania 25?

He is going to come back in WrestleMania 27 against The Core and The New Nexus

When will the Undertaker come back to Smackdown?

Either just before wrestlemania 27 or after.

Did the undertaker retire?

he hurt his head at wrestlemania 25 he will always come back.........

When will the undertaker come back to WWE for an action?

Probably for the Wrestlemania event in 2012

Will Triple H and undertaker face at summerslam?

No probley no .. i think undertaker will only come back to defend his streak at wrestlemania

When will undertaker come in WWE?

Yes, The Undertaker will come back at Wrestlemania XXVIII for a final match to extend his streak to 20-0!

When will undertaker come back 2011 after WrestleMania?

He will return after the first of the year like always

Will the Undertaker come back during the Elimination Chamber?

I dont think so. But, he will definitely be back before Wrestlemania

Which pay per view did the Undertaker come out on the back of a hearst with a black bird on his arm?


When will the undertaker come back to WWE in 2011?

wrestlemania 27 April 3

Will undertaker come back to the WWE after one night stand?

Yes. He is suppose to come back between Summerslam and WrestleMania 25 how u know

Is Hhh coming back to WWE?

Yes, Because he said after his Wrestlemania match on Raw and i Quote "When you come back Undertaker I will be waiting."

When undertaker will come back in action?

right now Undertaker is injured but will return to fight brock lesnar at Wrestlemania 29 they said Brock Lesnar is interrested in going against Undertaker at WM29

Are legends of WWE going to comeback?

Well yes but they are not coming back for good for example stone cold he does come back but only for maybe one night once in a while and the rock will come back at wrestlemania 24 or after that, the undertaker is already in wwe and masked Kane came back in 2007 mankind came in the 08 royal rumble and Bret hart won't come back but will be in the media as well as goldberg

Will undertaker come back after his buried alive match with Kane?

Yes, He will definitely come But may be he will come up in some days or he will come in wrestlemania ;)

When will undertaker return 2011?

it will most likely be at wrestlemania if his shoulder recovery goes well it will be at wrestlemania if he does come back at royal rumble there are chances that he might injure the shoulder again

Which event did undertaker make a come back was it wrestlemania or summerslam or no way out?

wwe kids magazine question good luck.

How will The Undertaker be when he comes back in 2011?

He will come back ready to talk but soon Triple H will interupt and challenge him at wrestlemania 27.

Will undertaker come back to WWE after WrestleMania 25?

His wife, Sara, just had a child so he might be out until next January

When is undertaker coming back is he dead?

he will try to come back for wrestlemania but it's possible he won't because he had to get surgery on his knee. to learn more go to

How come the undertaker never loses WrestleMania?

he is good that's why

Why wasn't The Undertaker at WrestleMania 10?

He lost to yokozina in a casket match at the royal rumble. He didnt come back untill after WM 10