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No - but they can if it comes off another part of the defender's body (apart from the hands of course).

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Q: Can goalie pick up ball in penalty box after being kicked back by own player?
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Where do you stand as goalie in soccer?

In the middle of the two metal poles. When the ball is being kicked, you can move around to stop the ball from getting in the net.

If two player game of soccer is being played can goalie dribble on field?


If the offense is taking a shot at the goal how many people is allowed in the goalie box?

This depends on how the shot is being taken and what this "goalie box" is. If this is a penalty kick, the only players allowed in the penalty area (the larger of the two rectangular areas or "boxes" that surround the goal) are the goalkeeper, or goalie, and the player taking the kick. If this is not a penalty kick, there is no limit to the number of defenders anywhere near the goal. These players still cannot use their hands though and if someone were to block a shot with their hands, they may be red carded, or removed from the game. I hope this answers your question.

What will happen if the goalie hold the ball after 6 second after being warn about it?

I am pretty sure that it would be a penalty kick, but that usually never happens haha

Can a goalie use his hands on another player in the box?

No, besides being able handle the ball in the box the same rules apply to the goalie as the other players.

What is a lacrosse goalie?

The player who stands in the crease of the goal and blocks the lacrosse ball from being scored into the goal.

Can a football player hit the kicker during a punt after the ball has been kicked and the kicker is still in the air?

No, this would be considered a roughing the punter penalty and the punting team would be awarded a 15 yard penalty and a first down. The only exception to this would be if the referee ruled that the player that hit the punter made contact because of being blocked by a member of the punting team. In this case, the referee will not call the penalty.

Can the opposition be in the penalty area whilsta goal kick is being taken?

Not legally. No player is allowed in the penalty area whilst a goal kick is being taken other than the player taking the goal kick (usually the goalkeeper). If anotehr outfield player takes the goal kick then the goalkeeper can be in the penalty area. No player is allowed the touch the ball after the kick is taken until it leaves the penalty area.

Can being kicked in the kidneys cure kidney cancer?

No, being kicked will not cure kidney cancer.

What is the penalty for being off sides?

The Penalty for being offsides is five yards.

Why is the extra goalie in the nhl not on the bench but in the seats near where you go to the locker room instead sometimes?

You want the ties on your pads and the tape on your stick to be as fresh as possible being a goalie. Also, some teams will blades sharpened last second too. A goalie switch is always on a timeout or interruption in game (TV, Penalty *If the team is allowed to switch out players*, etc).

Can a goalie be a forward in soccer?

no professional goalies are best being a goalie. They do not have much skill in dribbling or fakes.

Is a player penalized for being offsides if they are blocking the view of the goalie?

Interfering with the vision of the goal keeper while in an offside position makes a player guilty of an offside offense.

What doesn't Roberto Luongo like to do?

He loves being a goalie

What are the rules for subbing a goalie during a soccer game?

The same as any other player. The referee must be notified that the goal keeper is being changed.

Is it a penalty to have less than 11 players on the field in nfl?

No. As long as all other rules are still being followed, the only penalty for having fewer than 11 players on the field is the disadvantage of being down a player.

How does homelessness occur?

being poor and kicked out..

Was Henry VIII kicked out of being the king?


Who does Aria move in with after being kicked out?


What is it called when you get kicked out of your house?

You are being evicted.

How many yards away should you be when doing the kick-off?

The receiving team must be at least 10 yards away from the ball's line of scrimmage when the ball is kicked. If they are not, a penalty is assessed for being offside.

Can you die from being kicked in the temple?

Yes if kicked hard enough numerous things could happen

How do you get kicked out of a planetarium?

In order to be "kicked out" of a planetarium, one must do what is required to get kicked out of anything else: "break" the rules. This, however, is not recommended, as consequences will accompany it. Being "kicked out" is an example of one such consequence.

What is the penalty for being hit by your own ball while in a hazard?

2 shot penalty

In soccer does a goalie have the right to check opposing players that are inside his goal box like a hockey goalie can?

The goalie does have a right to "check" another player, but it can not be compared to what it is like in hockey. You must keep your arms down and you may not kick them, but as to the fact about being inside the box, you will lose your rights of aggression once you step outside the 18 yard line (box) and the ref can call the golie for cheaking a player if its not legel