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depends on the type if its a Walmart board then its ripstick a real board then skateboard

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โˆ™ 2009-10-27 21:51:00
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Q: Can go faster skateboard or ripstick?
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What can go faster ripstick or skateboard?

The skateboard goes faster if the skateboards wheels are good and fast than the skateboard will go faster than a ripstick.

What cool ripstick or skateboard?

Go die.

Given the same slope angle which is faster a snowboard or skateboard?

a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster a skateboard will go faster

What is better ripstik or skateboard?


Can you use skateboard wheels on a ripstick?

It is a bad idea to ripstick and skateboard wheels are very different but i don't know if it would work but it probably wouldn't.

How do you adjust a ripstick to be smaller?

you buy a real skateboard.

Does your skateboard go faster on asphault or cement?

You will go faster on cement.

Does alex wolff skateboard?

yea actually his new obsseion is the ripstick

What is different about ripsticks and skateboards?

the skateboard is cheaper and is better for balance and the ripstick is the opposite of that

Does a skateboard go faster on asphalt or concrete?


Can you put ripstik wheels on a skateboard?

you can't, i know your thinking that because its faster. ripstiks are my faveourite though. ripstik wheels are to large and dont fit that bolt

How do you make skateboard bearings go faster?

Cleaning them makes them faster and putting speed cream in them

Do trucks make you skateboard faster?

It makes you go to the Heaven the fastest.

Why do skateboards go faster on a inclined plane?

Skateboard goes faster because it is on the incline not the flat ground

Does weight on a skateboard affect how fast it travels?

Yes because if there's more weight, the skateboard will go faster. Less weight it will go slower.

Why does a skateboard go faster on a steep hill?

because you start to gain momentum

Does having bigger wheels on skateboard Mae you go faster?

yeah buddy

What go faster a big skateboard or a small skateboard?

It's not actually the size of the skateboard that matter's, its the ball bearings the wheels have inside them. Cheap bearings that come with cheap walmart/warehouse boards almost always go slowly, were as proper bearings from your local skate shop will go a lot faster.

What makes a skateboard fast or slow?

the friction between the wheels and the surface of the ground affect the speed of the skateboard. fo instance if you ride the skateboard on a smooth surface (with less friction) the skateboard will go faster.

What is the definition of rip stick?

A ripstick is a carving skateboard. It has two sides, and if you twist them with your feet, you move left or right. There is another version called the ripstick G, with a metal bar for grinding. Hope this helped! - Netwyvern

How do you go fast on a ripstick?

Buy a motor

What makes a skateboard go smoother and faster?

Some good trucks and clean bearings

Which is better ripstick air or ripstick g?

ripstick g

Is it ribstick or ripstick?

its ripstick

Is a bike faster than a skateboard?