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it depends what type of domestic your talking about but I'm pretty sure that they can in most forms of Australian domestic cricket

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โˆ™ 2011-12-21 04:23:31
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Q: Can foreign players play in Australian domestic cricket?
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Andrew Symonds

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What is the name of green hat worn by Australian cricket players?

Baggy green

Are IPL matches considered as international Twenty20 Cricket matches?

NO IPL matches not considers as International Matches because it is Domestic league of India where foreign players allowed to play.

How is the selection of cricket players for Indian premier league?

4 foreign players allowed per team

What happened to the Pakistan cricket players?

Pakistani is facing lack of experience players and the current condition why the Pakistan team is down is because of weak domestic cricket system

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How many people are in 1 Australian cricket team?

there is nothing special in Australian team as every team has 11 players

What is the size of an Australian Football field?

There is no specified size requirement for an Australian Football field. Australian Rules was originally created to keep cricket players fit in the off season and cricket fields do not have size requirements hence why Australian Rules fields do not have size requirements.

What type of cap is referred to as a baggy green?

The 'baggy green' cap is a type of baggy-looking cap that is always green in color. It is worn primarily by Australian cricket players and has become a symbol of Australian cricket.

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