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yes im flat footed and i play 6+ sports a year

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Q: Can flat footed people play sport?
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What do you call people who play a sport?

People who play a sport are called 'athletes'.

What sport do most people play?

The Sport That People Play The Most Is BaseBall.

How long have people play sport?

How Long have people play sport does not make sense!

Are flat footed people better basketball players?

The difference in foot type has absolutely nothing to do with how well you can play basketball. You will either be good or not, but the type of foot you have has nothing to do with how good you are.

How many people play e-sport?

If you want to play e-sport, Infinite people can play this game across the glob.

How many people play lacrosse?

6,000,000,000 people play this sport

Famous sport in Australia?

tennis is a sport that people play in australia

Where do people play hockey?

Because its a fun sport to play?

What is the sport of squash in France?

It is a game similar to racket ball. You play with a ''flat'' ball and a racket.

What sport did people play in the 1850s?

The sport people played in the 1850's is Crockett or Crockay

Why do people play baseball?

Its a fun sport

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What sport do french people play?


What sport do people in botswana play?


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What sport do people play in Korea?


Is Theo Walcott left or right footed?

Theo Walcott is a left footed player , but can play right footed as well.

What kind of sports can people play in the winter?

A sport people can play in the winter is snowboarding.

Is horse shoe an individual sport or a team sport?

No. It is not a sport or a team sport. But lots of people like to play it and say its a sport. :)

What kind of sports do people play in jerusalim?

A sport many people in Jerusalim play is basketball.

What was people favorite sport to play in the 1970s?

The answer is Tennis

Why should people play sport?

To stay fit.

What sport do people in Venezuela play?

Baseball and soccer

What sport do tongan people play?

They love rugby.

What sport do Florida people play?

soccer or football