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yes buht they really wont play

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Q: Can college students enter the NBA as a freshman?
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When a freshman in college chooose to go into the NBA does he receive his full salary?


Who is Juan Florez?

Juan Florez is the future of the NBA. Freshman at Trenton Catholic Academy. Will enter the NBA Draft 2014 or 2015.

Is Patrick Young a NBA player?

As of the 2010-2011 NBA season, Patric Young is a freshman playing for the Florida Gators in college.

Was Chris bosh on his high school basketball team?

Chris Bosh, a professional NBA player, attended college at Georgia Tech in Atlanta Georgia. As a freshman, he played as a Georgia Tech Yellow Jacket. Following his freshman year, he left college to enter the 2003 NBA draft. He was drafted that year by the Toronto Raptors. Chris Bosh has been with the Miami Heat since 2010.

How many points did Kobe Bryant average a game as a freshman?

You mean as a Freshman in college or an NBA rookie. Cause he never went to college and as an NBA rook he had to come off of the bench for the Lakers behind Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel averaged 8 points in only 15 minutes a game

How does people get into the NBA?

You can get into the NBA by playing college basketball and go to training camps in America. You can get scholarships to go play basketball in America if you are very good. You have to get scouted and enter the NBA draft.

Can Indians enter the NBA draft?

Anyone can enter the NBA.

How many college players make it to the NBA?

via the draft 96 players enter the nba, but players can come to the nba undrafted. There is no limit on how many players can join in one year.

What is better NBA or college?


How do you enter your named in a NBA draft?

You answer by emailing the NBA.

Who is better Derrick Rose or Micheal Beasley?

Micheal Beasley because he is the best freshman in the NBA

Did Jacob Pullen enter the NBA draft?

No Jacob Pullen did not enter the NBA draft.He decided to stay his Senior season