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Yes - spending a long time in chlorinated water can turn parts of your hair a slight green colour regardless of artificial colouring.

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โˆ™ 2008-05-18 17:35:07
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Q: Can chemicals in the pool turn your hair green even if your hair isn't dyed?
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How can hair dye damge your hair?

hair dye is made up of chemicals, which are bad for the hair. it can dry your hair out, cause split ends, and if your hair was dyed improperly, it could turn green.

Is it safe to use this hair spray on recently dyed hair?

Yes, it is perfectly safe to use hair spray on newly died hair! The chemicals in the hair spray will not effect your recently dyed hair.

Does seawater make dyed hair green?


Can you relax your hair when you are pregnant?

Because of the chemicals used when your hair is being relaxed it is highly recommended that you don't get this done when you are pregnant. Eventhough it touches your hair this is still absorbed so it is dangerous to get your hair relaxed or even dyed.

Does swimming ruin your hair color?

Yes, if you are swimming in a pool that has chlorine in it. Some other chemicals added to swimming pools to clean the water react with your hair. It can turn blond hair green and it can change the color if you have dyed or rinsed your hair color.

Will your hair turn green if you go to a water park?

your hair shouldn't turn green unless you bleached it then dyed it blonde

Can water change your hair color?

Only if your hair is dyed, and most likely not even then. Hair will remain un-altered by water if it's the natural color, but the chemicals in the water can interact with dye and produce a different color.

Will sun-in turn your hair green when you swim?

Sun-In will not turn your hair green if you swim. The reason that hair will turn green when swimming is due to the chemicals in the pool. When your hair is damaged, the chemicals soak in and that is what causes the color change.

How long will it take to grow your hair after you dyed it?

It will take longer then if you didn't dye it becuase your hair is being harmed by harsh chemicals.

What color of hair does avril lavigne have?

She originally had brown hair but, later on dyed it blond, pink, and green.

What color hair does Avril Lavigne have?

She originally had brown hair but, later on dyed it blond, pink, and green.

Why is your hair purple?

Why is your face green? The person dyed it that way(or is wearing a wig).

What causes black dyed hair to turn green?

Bleaching you hair because black dye has alot of blue in it. Yellow and blue makes green.

Did Elvis dye his hair?

Elvis had brown hair and even when he was in high school dyed it black.

Do people get ill from getting there hair dyed?

Now that there is no harsh chemicals in hair dye, it can not make you ill.

How will chlorine affect dyed black hair?

It could possibly tint your hair green. Your hair won't completely turn green, it will just be a little more visible when your standing in direct sunlight. Aside from that, chlorine damadges any hair, whether it was dyed or not. Wet your hair before you go swimming. If your hair is already wet, it will be less likely to absorb the chlorine.

Has Olivia dyed her here red in the series?

No. Olivia has only dyed her hair purple, indigo, blue, green, black and gold, and bleach blonde.

Subject-transitive verb-direct object-object complement?

Rachel dyed her hair green. Rachel- subject dyed- verb hair- direct object green-object complement

Is it up to you or your parents whether you get your hair dyed?

it is up to you wether you get your hair dyed or not. As it is your hair and it is up to you to do what you want to do with it.

How do you prevent your new dyed hair from turning green?

use extra shampoo but don't rinse it

What color was cat's hair from victorious before she dyed it?

It was like a dark brown, not bright green..?

How do you use moreover in a sentence?

The hairdresser had dyed his hair the wrong color; moreover, the hair turned green when she tried to correct the error.

What is in a hair perms?

In hair perms there are chemicals that damage it and those chemicals can even change your hair color and leave a ugly result.those are the stuff that is in hair perms.

Can half synthetic hair and half human hair extensions be dyed?

Only the real human hair will get dyed:)

Do hair straighteners work well with dyed hair?

yes although sometimes they can leave streaks of your real hair color. that all depends on how it was dyed and who dyed it