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Yes, one stacked on top of the other!

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Q: Can cheerleaders fit through a basketball hoop?
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How many regulation basketballs can fit through a basketball hoop at one time?

One and a little bit

Can two basketballs fit through the hoop at the same time?


How do basketball rim clips fit on rim of hoop?

A nuke explodes and puts the buttholes in place.

What is the diameter of a basketball rim versus the circumference of the basketball?

Two basketballs can fit in the hoop so the ball is half the size of the rim

Will a size 5 basketball fit through a 14 inch basketball rim?

It should fit.

Can two basketballs fit into one basketball hoop at the same time?

Not if they are side-by-side, but if they are one on top of the other then yes.

Can two basketballs fit through a hoop?

No... that would be too easy if two basketballs could fit in one hoop!! :P If the basketballs are (alot!) smaller than normal then yes!!

How many ball can fit in a hoop?


Can two men's basketballs fit through the rim at the same time?

no, two mens basketballs cannot fit throug the hoop at once. two girls regulation basketballs, however, can fit through the rim at the same time

Why do guys always seem to like cheerleaders?

Because cheerleaders are at the top of the school and they want to be there with them. Also they are peppy and usually cute and/or fit!

Are there any rock and roll cheers?

We rock it to the right And roll it to the left R H S Is the best! Or Richland Cheerleaders Are the best! Or Richland basketball Is the best! Change it up to fit your needs :)

How can you get a bf as a cheerleader?

Cheerleaders are usually fit so it is not difficult to get a guy to notice you.

How is basketball good for your bodies?

Basketball is good for our bodies because it helps us get excercise, and keeps us fit. Basketball also strengthens our hand eye coordination. And (my favorite reason), it helps us get all of our anger out when passing the ball to someone or shooting a hoop (Kiera Knightley swished into the net with a BANG!!). :0)

Why the ball is round?

Because if it wasn't it would bounce all over the place when you try to dribble. (and a different shape ball might not fit through the hoop :P)

What does hoop stress in a material mean?

It is the tangential stress ( normal to the radius) in a circular structure, such as a ring (hoop). For a example if you shrink fit a ring over a cylinder it will have hoop stress, tangential stress along the entire circumference.

How many 6mm Beads can fit on a 30mm round hoop?

30/6 = 5 beads.

What can basketball do to your shape?

When you play basketball you exxercise and it can also make more fit and muscular.

What size should a basketball net be to fit a size 7 basketball?

about a size 9

Can a basketball sleeve fit a little boy?


How many basketball courts can fit on Neptune?

about 10,000

How is the game of basketball?

The game of basketball is awesome!!!! You get fit and healthy, learn and practice skills and have fun.

How did basketball affect culture?

Basketball has made a major contribution to fashion through areas such as exercise gear and sneakers. The sport also influences fans as well as athletes to be physically fit for professional and amateur leagues.

Where can one see videos of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders?

The best place to see videos of the Miami Dolphins cheerleaders would be YouTube. There are many videos on YouTube to choose from. One would have to find the best fit.

What purposes does basketball have?

The purpose of basketball is to have fun, build healthy relationships and skills and also to get fit and healthy.

What do you fill a basketball with?

Regular air is perfectly acceptable. To fill it, get a bike pump with a small needle that will fit the small black hole on your basketball and pump air through the tube on the system, through the needle and into the basketball until it is inflated as much as you like. You can buy a bike pump/air pump at almost anywhere including walmart or walgreens.