Can boys play soft ball

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Yes boys can play softball there are even boys softball teams

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Q: Can boys play soft ball
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Is soft ball just for girls?

Soft ball is not just for girls,it can also be for boys.Sometimes boys favorite sport is soft ball.When they go to the beach it's probably a net the boys may play soft ball over.Girls may want to play soft ball also when they are in their running shoes,in there shorts and in their tang tops.Both boys and girls can play soft ball it's not only for girls.

What is the difference between soft ball and baseball?

my answer is that soft ball is for girls and base ball is for boys. The reason i know this is because my sister played soft ball when she was young.

What are Coretta Scott kings hobbies?

she liked to swim and play soft ball and volley ball

Beach volleyball ball?

beach volleyball is a game you play at the beach with friends or family. beach volleyball ball is a soft ball you play with.

What sports is Paul Simon into?

he used to play soft ball

What is a lacrosse ball called?

It is called a lacrosse ball. :) Girls play with yellow ones and boys play with white ones

What ball do you play with indoors under 10?

well the ball you play indoors are those small balls made of soft thanks and later

What are the release dates for The Hardy Boys - 1995 Play Ball 1-10?

The Hardy Boys - 1995 Play Ball 1-10 was released on: USA: 25 November 1995

What do the lines on a cricket bat handle mean?

the lines on the cricket bat handle shows what level of ball it can play with. say for it has one line that means the bat is to play with a soft ball if it has two it can play with a tennis ball and three means it can play with a real cricket ball

When did The Soft Boys end?

The Soft Boys ended in 1980.

When was The Soft Boys created?

The Soft Boys was created in 1976.

Is soft ball hard?

Softball is just like baseball, I know this because I play softball as a club which means I go all over the world without switching teammates to play, so, you can get hit, pushed down, and sometimes break something.

Did taylor swift play any sports in her childhod?

yes she played soccer and soft ball

What are the difference in volleyball and soft ball?

In softball you hit the ball with a bat and play the field with a mit. In volleyball you play with a bigger ball and it is blown up. In volleyball you bump,spike,set and hit. Theses are the big differences.

How much does a Wilson woman'ss basketball weigh?

Woman's ball should be 28.5, which is the same size boys yup to age 12 play with. MEn play with the 29.5 size ball.

What types of activities are available for young children at Treasure Chest Soft Play Centre?

Treasure Chest Soft Play Centre have many available activities for young children. There are indoor Basket Ball, Play Ground, indoor Adventure and Football.

Why do the ball boys in college football stand on the opposing team's sidelines?

So and see how to play

How do you say soft ball in spanish?

We called it soft ball in spanish too.

Why was soft ball invented?

Softtball was derived from the game baseball, this was so women could play as they didnt play baseball. But these days both genders play both games :)

Are softballs really soft?

Contrary to their name, softballs aren't really soft. When first used, they are quite rigid; however, extended play softens the ball over time.

Why do ball boys rub on the footballs?

Ball boys rub the footballs so the footballs have better grip and to make more comfortable to play with. It warms the football up and is easier to catch and hold on to. Also, in the rain the ball boys rub them with a towel to dry them off. In the winter, they rub them because if you dont rub them the feel like you're catching a rock.

What is the probability of a boys basketball making it into the hoop versus a girls ball?

well, i play basket ball and to tell you the truth, it's 50 50 on that. But that's if the players have had the same amount of experience. Boys and girls are both great at sinking' hoops.

Is the volleyball ball soft?

As soft as most inflated ball, much lighter than most though as well.

What did the viking do for fun?

vikings love to play with toys the kid s do, the men love to wrestle swim, and race horses. the boys like to play foot ball. and play with model boats.

What is a Nerf ball?

A Nerf ball is a soft, foam ball that is made by Hasbro.