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definetly yes

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Q: Can batting average be more then 100?
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How do you calculate slugging percent?

Batting average = (number of base hits) divided by (number of times at bat) Batting percent = (batting average) times 100.

Which Players have had 100 at bats in world series history?

Lou gehrig 361 This is the answer to another question: Which player, with 100 or more at bats, has the highest World Series batting average?

What is the lowest batting average among players with 100 RBIs or more in one season?

Lou Gehrig .361Lou Gehrig had a .361 average with 119 World Series at bats.

If a batter hits 30 out of 100 what is his batting average?

.300 avg

If a batter hits 16 out of 20 what is his batting average?

His batting average would = 80% = .800 Here's the math: 16 / 20 = 80 / 100 = 80%

What will be the batting average of a cricketer if he played only 2 matches and scored 100 in each match and not out in both the matches.?

Not out innings are not counted in a batsman's average. Therefore, his batting average would be infinity.

Who do i figure batting percent?

Batting Average is always shown as a decimal. It is calculated using the following formula: # of hits / official at bats. Ex: 28 hits in 100 at bats = 28 / 100 = .280 average or 28% hit rate.

Who has the highest batting average in major league baseball?

Ty Cobb has the highest batting average, with a .366 bating average.

Definition of average IQ?

100 is the average 130 and more = gifted people

If 1 made24 hits out of 100 what is my batting average as a fraction in simplest form with the denominator of 10 or 100?

If 24 out of 100 is expressed as a fraction in its simplest form then it cannot have a denominator of 10 or 100, as required.

How many stars are in an average galaxy?

At least 100 billion or more.

What is the average IQ for a 4 year old?

--- Age is factored into IQ tests, so the average is 100 or more. The reason for this is because IQ tests are not that new an idea and the scoring system used today is the same as was used in the past. Children are actually becoming more and more intelligent (so the human race progresses) so the average IQ in a few years might be 101-103. That said, most people will probably get below 100 because there are some super-brains out there... Simple answer: 100.