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By themselves, no. If you attach electronically controlled wings to them, yes, they can. More accurately, they cannot fly, but are very often flung.

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Q: Can baseball bats fly
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Do all bats fly?

Yes, all bats can fly.

Can vampire bats fly?

yes,all bats fly

Can bats fly backwards?

yes bats can fly backwards.

What mamals can fly fly?

only bats can fly fly.

Can bats fly?

Yes they can fly.

Do bats fly in daylight?

Not usually, but some bats do fly in the daylight.

Do bats fly in the day?

bats fly only at night because there called nocturnal bats

What are non official at bats in baseball?

A base on balls, being hit by the pitch, a sacrifice bunt and a sacrifice fly. None of these are official at-bats.

How fast can bats fly?

some bats can fly up to 31 mph

How do honduran white bats fly?

Honduran white bats fly by their wings

What is the only mammal that has wings and can fly?

The answer would be bats. Bats are mammals and can fly.

Why do bats fly at night?

Most bats fly at night because their food is out at night.

WHICH ANimals can fly but do not have feathers?


How high can bats fly in the air?

They can fly anywhere from 20 to 300 meters..usually when bats fly the front of the wings are curved and the back spiked..they usually fly at around 630pm...bats are awesome!

What is the only mammal that can fly?

Bats are the only mammal that can fly. However, there are 950 species of Bats.

What mammals can't fly?

That's easy. Bats are the only bats that can fly. So if you are a mammnal but you're not a bat, you can't fly.

What mammals can fly?


What does bats eat?


Mammals that fly?


When do bats fly?

At night

How do foxes fly?

There is no species of fox that can fly. Bats are the only mammals that can fly.

Why only birds fly?

It is not only birds that fly. Bats fly and they are not birds.

How do vampires fly?

According to legends, vampires have the ability to transform into bats so when they transform into bats they can fly.

What is the only mammals can fly?

Bats are the only mammals that fly.

What animals fly?

Birds, bats, and many insects fly.