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No. If a catcher drops the ball, it's considered uncaught. It counts as though the catcher missed the ball entirely. If a pitcher drops the ball, they may be charged with a balk. Obviously, these situations are rare in MLB and all professional play.

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Q: Can balls drop
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After the Balls Drop was created in 2008.

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Inalmost all boys, testicles (balls) drop by age 2. (Two)

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Balls (testicles) do not drop appreciably as you age.

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your balls dropping doesn't necessarily mean your balls drop it just mean your ball sac grows heavier and your voice breaks at the same time so people say your balls drop when you are at the main stage in puberty.

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A common misconception is that during puberty, the testicles or "balls" drop, this isn't true. Directly after birth, the testicles drop.A common misconception is that during puberty, the testicles or "balls" drop, this isn't true. Directly after birth, the testicles drop down into the scrotum.

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No, your testicles (balls) drop soon after birth, but your voice changes during puberty.

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What? Your balls 'drop' out from inside your body while you are a baby!

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When a guys balls drop does that mean he can get a girl pregnant?