Can anyone play sport

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of course they could Even if your not good than just have a try and then your see how good you can be at sport

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Q: Can anyone play sport
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Will you get to play volleyball?

Anyone can play volleyball. Its a fun sport for all ages.

What is the legal definition of a professional athlete?

Anyone who is paid to play a sport.

How is bowling a good sport?

anyone can play the game of Bowling, no matter the age.

Can anybody play hurling?

Yes, anyone can play hurling, just like anyone can play any sport. It is an amateur sport, so anyone can participate in it. In Ireland hurling is one of the national sports, so children start playing it and many continue to do so as they grow up and play for their schools or local clubs and if they are really good they may end playing for their county.

Is football for all ages?

Obviously yes... Football is a form of exercise and it is a healthy sport for anyone to play.

Difference between local sports and nationally sports?

A local sport is a sport that would be played locally in a town in which anyone can play while national sport is a sport that would be played among the teams of different countries.

Is Basketball a modern sport?

Basketball originated in the 1890s, ironically in an attempt to create a game that "anyone could play".

What are good things about sports?

sport is always something good for your body sport is not about winning it's about having fun once when your good at it you'll be better next time every time you play a sport you will always have fun sport are fantastic for anyone.. cause it makes anyone be strong...that why it's always be free

Who did Arnold Schwarzenegger play in the movie blood sport?

He didn't play anyone in Bloodsport because he wasn't in the movie. It was Jean Claude Van Damme.

How do you play a sport on club penguin?

you play a sport no drr

Why is tennis a good sport to play?

Sport is good .. Tennis is a sport .. so tennis is a good sport to play?

How do you get to sport?

Just play sport....

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