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You cant kick the ball when u play Basketball

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Q: Can any player playing basketball kick the ball?
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Can a offense player kick the basketball?

no they will call a kick ball violation

What is it called in basketball when a player intentionally makes contact with the ball using their foot?

Kick ball

What is the name of the kicking violation in basketball?

If a player illegally kicks a ball the referee will call out "kick". that simple.

If After a fumble can you kick a ball?

If the ball is loose and live, a player can't deliberately kick it or bat it.

What is a kicked ball violation in basketball?

* Kicked balls are usually easy to spot, as defenders will often kick out their legs to try to deflect a pass. But it is important to remember that a kicked ball is reserved for violations that are done on purpose. This means that if a offensive player throws the ball into the leg of a defensive player who is stationary, it should not be a kick ball.When a ball is accidentally hit off of someone's leg, it is a live ball and no whistles should be blown.

Why does the goalie kick in the ball?

When the ball goes out of bounds off the other team, this is called a "Goal Kick" this is when you put the ball on the inside box line, and kick it. Kindof like a free kick. The goalie can kick the ball, but typically, any player on the kicking team can kick it.

When can't you kick the soccer ball?

On any kick where the ball is put into play after a stoppage (such as a kick off, a drop ball or a direct or indirect kick), the player that kicks the ball into play may not make contact with or kick the ball a second time until the ball is contacted or kicked by any other player on the field (AKA "pitch"). Contacting the ball twice in this manner will result in a "two touch" penalty & the ball will be awarded to the other team.

What happens when shooting to the goal from indirect free kick?

The ball must be touched by another player for a goal to be scored. If no other player touches it then no goal is scored and the restart is a goal kick.

What kind of kick is it when you can score without another player touching the ball?

A goal can be scored directly (without any other player touching the ball) from a kick-off, goal kick, corner kick, or direct free kick as far as restarts go.

How do you kick a soccer ball 5 yards?

there is no way you just have to have a strong foot like me i play soccer i can kick a ball across a basketball court in the air with little effort

If a player shields the ball from another player durning soccer what is the penalty?

this is not a foul so just play on ---- If the ball is within playing distance of the player, then the tactic of "shielding" or "sheparding" the ball, as it's sometimes called, is perfectly legal. If the player is blocking an opponent when the ball is miles away, an indirect free-kick is awarded for obstruction.

What happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty?

Disqualification happens when a player touches the soccer ball with their hands when he was supposed to kick a penalty

Can the person who takes the kick off in soccer kick the ball before another player touches?

The player who kicks off cannot touch the ball again until another player touches it.

Does a kick ball in college basketball reset the shot clock?

Yes. to 15 seconds

Can a NFL player kick the ball to a teammate behind the line of scrimmage?

No. You cannot kick the ball to a teammate either way really.

Can an attacking player kick the ball while inside the goal area?

During active play any player may kick the ball while inside the goal area.

What would happen to a player if a player kick a ball poorly?

He moves on!

How far can one kick a soccer ball?

Well, it depends on how good and how powerfull the soccer player is. A good amount of people can kick a soccer ball full field, some can kick it half field, it just depends on the player.

What is kick-out in futsal?

I assume that kick-out would mean to kick the ball out. Maybe you mean a kick-in? Because when the ball is kicked out by another team, the opposing team has four seconds to kick the ball back into play. During the kick-in, the player must hold the ball on the sideline so it doesn't roll. The ball must be exactly on the sideline when you kick it in. Your stepping foot-opposite your kicking foot-must not go over the line when you kick it in. The defense should kick the ball in to the offense of the goalie.

What type of free kick is awarded for an offside in soccer?

When play is stopped for an offside offense, play is restarted with an indirect free kick from the spot where the offending player was when his teammate last played the ball, which may be quite some distance from the location of the ball or player when play is finally stopped. If the placement of the ball is within the goal area, the ball may be placed anywhere inside the goal area (similar to a goal kick, except that it is indirect). If the placement of the ball is within the penalty area (including the goal area), the ball is not in play and may not be touched again by any player until it travels directly out of the penalty area. As with any free kick, the player taking the kick may not touch the ball again until it has touched another player. As with any indirect free kick, a goal may not be scored until the ball touches another player (if the ball goes directly into the opponent's goal, the restart is a goal kick). As with any free kick, an own-goal may not be scored directly, and play would be restarted with a corner kick if it happens.

What does it mean in rugby to kick the ball out on the full?

If you are out side the 22 and you kick it out on the FULL it goes back to where the player kicked it. if its inside the 22 and you kick it out on the full, its from where the ball goes out NOT bounces.

Can you be offsides on a corner kick?

No you cannot. In order for a player to be offside, that player has to be behind the ball and behind the 2nd to last defender. On a corner kick, there is no way to be behind the ball unless that player goes off of the field.

Can you kick a basketball?

Yes, you can kick a basketball.

Can a player kick the ball when it is in the goal area?


What does a professional soccer player have to do?

Kick the ball in the net