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As long is your foot isn't completely over the line, you are safe. No matter what, don't make it look obvious that you stepped on or over the line.

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Q: Can any part of your foot go over the centr line in volleyball?
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What is a volleyball foot fault?

When the person who is serving steps over or on the service line.

Volleyball When you step on he line during the serve it's called a?

It is called a foot fault. You can also have a foot fault if you step over the center line onto the opponent's court.

What is the attack line in volleyball?

an attack hit in volley ball is when you spike the ball over and did it right from the attack line aggressively!!

Definition for serve in volleyball?

a serve is when a player on a team is behind the white line and hits it over the net; make sure you don't foot fault :)

What is footfault in volleyball?

A foot fault in volleyball occurs when the server steps on or over the service line while serving the ball. They can not enter the court in any way until the ball has been struck or served into the field of play.

What is A foul in which the player steps on or over the end line while serving in volleyball?

The other team automatically gets a point and the ball C:

What is an example of a fault in volleyball?

A foot fault. It's basically when a player is serving and they step over the end line causing a side out (automatic point and lose of serve) for the other team.

How far do you have to stand away from the volleyball net in measureament?

you can be as close as you want to the net but you are not allowed to touch it. you're also not allowed to reach over the net to the over side of the court or put your foot over the centre line underneath the net

Can a player step on the center line in volleyball?

If you touch the net it's called as a net violation and the opposite team gets the point, and as long as you only step on the center line, it's fine. However, if a part of your body crosses the center line, the other team gets the ball.

Why is there no volleyball emoji?

Because volleyball isn't a real sport, you don't do anything beside hit a ball over a net and move 1 foot in every direction

How do you put on a volleyball knee pad?

It's kind of self explanatory, you slip it on over your foot before you put your shoes on.

Size of serving area in volleyball?

The size of the serving area is the area between the back two lines of the volleyball court. You may serve anywhere between the lines and outside the court. If your foot touches or goes over the line you lose the serve.