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Try,, and the spyder official site.

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Q: Can any one tell you where i can get circuit board for a spyder pilot acs paint ball gun?
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Spyder pilot better then the spyder pilot acs?

The Spyder pilot Acs is a Spyder pilot with an Anti-Chop System. It would be "better" than one without it because it is supposed to chop (when a ball is cut in half by the bolt before it has fully dropped) less paint.

Best starter paint ball marker for tournament paint ball?

Spyder Pilot ACS is a good gun for Under $100 avilable @ Wal Mart and online

Who invented the spyder pilot ACS piantball gun?

Kingman Spyder.

How do you put an elbow on the Spyder Pilot 09?

The Spyder Pilot is center fed, so there is no need for elbows. Also no spyder elbows would fit because of the new style of threaded feed necks.

Is a 9.6v batt recommended for the spyder pilot?

It will not fit. the Pilot uses 9v.

What are good upgrades for a spyder pilot?

A custom products Barrel and regulator.

What hopper to use on a spyder pilot?

Sins you own a spyder, I'm assuming your cheap. So am I. You want either want a view loader force($30) or a halo ($50 on eBay) also, the pilot sucks.

How much would a Spyder Pilot with a scope cost?

The Spyder Pilot paintball gun can be purchased for $160 without the scope, with the scope costing an additional $80 making a total cost of $240. These purchases can both be made from amazon.

Is the 2009 spyder PILOT a paintball gun?

Yes, it is a beginner level semi automatic marker.

Does the e trigger fit the spyder pilot?

No, the E-Trigger only fits the Tippmann they're designed for.

When was California Board of Pilot Commissioners created?

California Board of Pilot Commissioners was created in 1850.

What is the budget of California Board of Pilot Commissioners?

The budget of California Board of Pilot Commissioners is 2,000,000 dollars.