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That would result in a penalty.

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Q: Can an opposing hockey player interfere with the goalie?
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Related questions

Can a player in ice hockey skate into the crease if the puck is in the crease?

Yes, but still cannot interfere with the goalie.

How fast can a hockey goalie be?

A hockey goalie can be very fast. Not as fast as a player but still fast in a different way.

In soccer does a goalie have the right to check opposing players that are inside his goal box like a hockey goalie can?

The goalie does have a right to "check" another player, but it can not be compared to what it is like in hockey. You must keep your arms down and you may not kick them, but as to the fact about being inside the box, you will lose your rights of aggression once you step outside the 18 yard line (box) and the ref can call the golie for cheaking a player if its not legel

What is a word that rhymes with wholly and means a hockey player?


What does breakaway mean in the term of hockey?

A breakaway is when a skater (player) is all alone against the opposing teams goalie. Therefore they "breakaway" from everyone else and get a clear-cut chance to score.

What is a name for a hockey player that rhymes with wholly?


What does the hockey jersey represent?

The hockey jersey represents the team a player/goalie plays for.

What is viking ball?

VikingBall is a sport resembling street hockey created in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. The main difference is that in this sport the goalie can score; instead of a goalie stick, blocker, and glove, the goalie (the Viking position) uses a shield and a hammer to guard the goal. If the Viking can hit an opposing player with the hammer, he scores a point.

Is Marcus Eklund a hockey player?

Marcus Eklund is/was not a hockey player. There is, however, a Brian Eklund who was a goalie for Tampa Bay.

In Ice hockey can another player pick up the goalie stick?

No, no player but the goalie can use a goalie stick. A player can knock the stick in the goalies direction that's about it. And a player can never hold more then one stick.

Why can a penalty shot be made from in hockey?

A penalty shot is awarded when the player has a clear opportunity to skate up to and shoot on the goalie without an opposing player in between them AND an opposing player comes from behind (or from the side) and infracts the player (by tripping, hooking, throwing the stick, etc). There is some judgment by the referee as to whether the player had a clear break or not. If the penalty shot is not awarded, then a minor penalty is.

What are the lines in front of the goalie in hockey?

It's called the crease. And like a pitcher's mound (just ask Oakland's Dallas Braden) it's the goalie's office. A player from an opposing team is technically not allowed to stand in the area or he is in danger of being penalized although, sometimes they get away with it. A player from your own team is not allowed to cover, freeze, or in any manner hold on to the puck in that area. The goalie can of course do any of those things.

What jobs in sport require PPE?

any football player, a baseball catcher, hockey goalie, soccer goalie and nascar drivers

How many hockey player on the ice at one time?

there are 6 including the goalie

How do you score a hit in NHL hockey?

A hockey player is credited with a hit when he successfully utilizes a hit to separate an opposing player from the puck.

In hockey what does offside mean?

A player was in the opposing zone before the puck

Which sport has 6 player on a team?

Hockey does (five skaters and one goalie) Hope i helped!!!

Is goalie more mentale than player in hockey?

yes they are

Does a tie count in field hockey?

no, 1 player at a time on the other teams goalie does strokes. everyone from each team does it on the goalie. who-ever has the most strokes, wins.

When is a penalty shot awarded in soccer?

A penalty is awarded to your team in soccer when the opposing team player fouls your team player inside your goalie box

When the goalie catches the ball can the player run up and kick it in the goal?

No. Once a goalkeeper establishes control of the ball, no opposing player may interfere with goalkeepers ability to release the ball back into play. Bouncing the ball and catching prior to kicking or throwing is not considered release it into play. However, if the keeper loses control of the ball, it may be played by any player.

Why is the hockey goalie different from other hockey players?

Because it is an entirely different position. It is the only position in hockey that, if you make a mistake, it is recorded on the scoreboard. It takes a different mental approach for a hockey goalie than a player. Also, goalies are on the ice for the entire game, barring being relieved of duties or injury. Hope this helps.

In hockey who stops the puck?

As in soccer, hockey has a net or goal into which the puck must be shot. The net is guarded by a heavily padded player referred to by several names. He is often called names such as the goalie, goal-keeper, goal-tender and I'm sure by less flattering names by opposing players. In North America, at least, he is not referred to as simply "the keeper".

What are the 2 tackles in hockey?

Ice hockey has 6 players on the ice for a full "line" including the goalie. The forward, offensive line has 2 "wings" - left and right - and one "center". The defensive line has 2 "defensemen" - left and right. All the players are allowed to "tackle" the opposing player that has the puck. A legal tackle is called a "check".

Can a hockey player be penalized during a penalty shot?

Yes, of course, if he hits or slashes the goalie for example...