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Q: Can an injured baseball player come back in the game after coming out?
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What happen to Shawn?

i think that he is injured after wrestlmania 25 and he is coming back at summerslam

Why is undertaker gone and when will he return?

His Injured Knee. And Yes He Will Be Coming Back Very Soon.

Whn is Triple H coming back to WWE?

He was schedualed to return at summerslam but was injured on break and won't be back for months.

When is Rey Mysterio coming back 2011?

he was back 4 a bit but then got injured again should comeback in 2012

What is a sentence for the word injured?

The workman was injured when a piano dropped on his head.

When is Stephanie McMahon coming back from injury?

After the RKO to Stephanie McMahon, it is currently unknown long she will be out injured for.

Is kaka coming back?

yes he plays for real madrid right now i infer he is gonna get injured again

Is Derek Jeter coming back to baseball?

Not yet.

When is the undertaker coming back to WWE 2010?

wwe sumerslam 2010 he is not injured he is getting liposuction (PS..... he is getting surgry)

Is Triple H gone from the WWE?

yes,he'll come because he is injured by sheamus.He'll be coming back in April 2011

Will edge be coming back dirty or clean?

probably clean because he was turning babyface when he got injured. the plan is for him to come back at the royal rumble at #30. :)

When is Layla El coming back to the WWE?

Layla is coming to Wwe before, or on the day of Wretlemania 28, she was on the injured list because of a vicious attack from Kharma, who is now on maternity leave.