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A yellow card is shown when a player is cautioned in a match.

A player or substitute receiving two cautions in the same match is sent off, which is signaled by showing the player a red card. A player that is sent off may not be replaced (i.e., his team must "play short").

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A yellow card is given by the degree which is considered as a warning to the player for the foul he or she committed . If another foul is committed by the same player of similar degree would mean the player then might receive a red card i.e the player will be sent off and his or her team will play with a player less

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Only the referee can caution a player or substitute. The referee will take information from the assistant to make the decision.

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Q: Can an assistant referee issue a yellow card?
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What results in a yellow card?

A yellow card in UK football is issued by the referee for a players first offence.

Can a linesman give a yellow card in soccer?

In the end it's the referee and ONLY the referee who makes the call, but if a linesman sees something illegal on the field he can raise his flag to notify the referee that he has seen something and then tell the referee what he saw.

Can assistant refree issue a card in a match?


If you were a referee and a player struck his own goalie what would you do?

if he done it badly he will get a red card or a yellow card

What genre is yellow card?

A yellow card usually means that the player has been cautioned for either dangerous play. discent or speaking out rudely to the referee.

What actors and actresses appeared in Yellow Card - 2009?

The cast of Yellow Card - 2009 includes: Josh Adell as Referee Les Feltmate as Juan

What is a referee's warning to a player in soccer called?

It usually is called a penalty and is showed by a yellow flag.

A referee's warning to a player in soccer?

sometimes a card and sometimes they wll just speak to the player

How does a soccer referee punish misconduct?

A caution, by showing a yellow card, or a send off, by showing a red card.

What is the Two yellow cards rule in football?

A first yellow card is shown by the referee to the player guilty of an infringement. If the same player warrants a second yellow card later on in the game, the referee will show the second yellow card, and will then immediately show a red card and send the player off the pitch.

Who first showed red card?

The first red card was shown by referee Ken Aston, who invented the yellow and red cards.

What happens if you are hit with a ball in soccer as a referee?

In most cases play continues. If it was done on intentionally, it depends on the referee but sometimes a yellow maybe even a red card.