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Only the referee can caution a player or substitute. The referee will take information from the assistant to make the decision.

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Q: Can an assistant referee issue a yellow card?
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What equipment does a referee need in rugby?

whistle, red yellow card, form of communication to linesman officials and assistant referee.

Can a linesman give a yellow card in soccer?

No. A linesman can tell a referee what they saw and advise the referee about what to do, but only the referee can actually give the yellow card.

Can you rescind a yellow card?

A referee may change their mind about any call up until play has restarted. If, for example, the Assistant Referee has information for him that absolves the player a referee can rescind the card. If the information comes after the restart, then the referee must include this extra information in his game report.

A referee's warning to a player in soccer?

yellow card

What results in a yellow card?

A yellow card in UK football is issued by the referee for a players first offence.

How many yellow cards can a referee issue in a single international soccer match?

Every player on both teams can be given a yellow card if the referee thinks they deserve it, but for one player only two can be given then they will be sent off.

When is a yellow card awarded in football?

A first yellow card is shown by the referee to the player guilty of an infringement. If the same player warrants a second yellow card later on in the game, the referee will show the second yellow card, and will then immediately show a red card and send the player off the pitch.

Can assistant refree issue a card in a match?


Referee warning to a Soccer player?

The referee can warn a player in two ways: a verbal warning, or a yellow card.

A volleyball punishment given by a referee?

yellow card= a warning red card= must leave the court yellow and red card= must leave the facility

If you were a referee and a player struck his own goalie what would you do?

if he done it badly he will get a red card or a yellow card

What genre is yellow card?

A yellow card usually means that the player has been cautioned for either dangerous play. discent or speaking out rudely to the referee.

What actors and actresses appeared in Yellow Card - 2009?

The cast of Yellow Card - 2009 includes: Josh Adell as Referee Les Feltmate as Juan

How does a soccer referee punish misconduct?

A caution, by showing a yellow card, or a send off, by showing a red card.

What is a yellow card in volleyball?

A yellow card can be for a player of for the coach. When it is for the player, it is because they have been very unsportsman like. They could have yelled at a player on the opposite side of the court, or they could have yelled at the referee. If the coach gets a yellow card, it is because they have yelled at the referee. When a player or a coach gets a yellow card, the other team gets points added to their score.

Witch colour card in football does a referee use to give a warning to a player?


Do you get fined if you get a red or yellow card?

That depends why you got a red card, say if you hit the referee then you will get fined and banned as well.

What is a booking in soccer?

A booking is when you are written into the referee's book. It's a another word for receiving a card. (Usually a yellow card.)

Who first showed red card?

The first red card was shown by referee Ken Aston, who invented the yellow and red cards.

What does a yellow and red card means?

If You get a yellow card in football it means you have accidentally or purposely fouled someone and he referee is giving you a warning if you do it again whether its an accident or not You get another yellow which is the equivalent to a red so if u get a card after the first yellow you will get a red and you will be sent off.

What happens if you are hit with a ball in soccer as a referee?

In most cases play continues. If it was done on intentionally, it depends on the referee but sometimes a yellow maybe even a red card.

What are the objects or things to be carried by a football referee to the ground before a match?

A watch, pen, coin, yellow card, red card, and speakers in the ears.

What is a yellow card and what happens if you receive 2 yellow cards?

A yellow card is shown by the referee to indicate that a player has been officially cautioned.A player who receives a second yellow card in a match is sent off, meaning that he must leave the field immediately and take no further part in the game.

What equipment does a table tennis referee need?

a red, yellow and white card, a timer and a ruler (all ittf approved)

What colour card would the referee give for fouls and misconduct in a game of soccer?

Yellow as a warning, red to be sent off.

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