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No, his status must be declared prior to the start of the competition.

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Q: Can an amateur declare being pro if he wins?
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How many fight did floyed mayweather win total?

as a pro he is 39-0 he was 84 (wins) against 6 (defeats) as an amateur

What is the difference between amateur and pro sport?

amateur is a better category

Was Edmond Halley pro or amateur?

A pro or amateur what? He was a pro at figuring out comets and their orbits. He also has a bunch of stuff named after him, including the famous comet of all.

Will the highest placed pro golfer receive the title of a tournament won by an amateur?

If the competition is an open the champion would be the winning score amateur or pro. However some competitions have pros as the winner and runners up and an amateur as the winning amateur.

What was sugar ray Leonard's boxing record?

As an amateur, he is reportedly 145 wins - 5 losses as a pro, he was 36 wins - 3 losses - 1 draw.

Do they add the pro and amateur scores at the pebble beach pro am?

The team score for the pro-am is based on a net best ball format. Each hole's score is the better of the pro's gross score and the net score of the amateur.

Are laser golf putters legal?

in semi pro and amateur yes but not in pro tournaments

How is score determined in a Pro-Am golf tournament?

With the exception of the fact that the scores of the pro and the scores of the amateur are combined, the scoring system is the same.

Can a pro golfer play amateur events?

Only if he resigns from PGA and after 2 years he is considered to be an amateur

Did Muhammad ali have a fight record?

amateur record = 100 wins against 5 losses pro record = 56 wins (37 ko's) against 5 losses (1ko) 3 of those losses he avenged, and the last two were his last two fight.

What is the opposite of pro?

Noob Amateur or con

What is rookie or amateur?

A rookie or amateur is someone who is a beginner or not a seasoned pro. These terms are used to describe athletes among other things.