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Any player-even the goalie

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Q: Can all players score in soccer or just forwards?
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What are the left and right forwards called in soccer?

In our teams we call then left strikers or right strikers. Other people just call them forwards as well.

Whats the average Pay for a pro-soccer player?

Well, Usually it depends on how good the player is, but if you are just thinking of an average soccer player it is between 45-75,000 dollars. Now remember that is just an average soccer players salay a year, i think if they score they get a little money that night i cant remember :)

How much math goes into soccer?

there really isn't math in soccer you just pass, kick, score. sources: my experience in soccer

What is soccer arobics?

soccer arobics is a way that soccer players can stay fit or at practice get in shape faster. Just like arobics the players keep moving to improve muscle building. In mls when the players are coming off injuries or from a break they go into soccer aronics. Which is soccer and arobics combined into one.

Do professional soccer players take drugs?

Yes, just like in any sport, there are soccer players that take drugs, both legal and illegal ones.

What are soccer responsabilites?

There are three main positions in football (soccer) which are Strikers (forwards) Midfielders and Defenders (backs). As a striker, you NEED to score. You can be creative about it or, just straight forward. As a midfielder, you need to send balls to the forwards so they can attack and you also have to get back on defense when your opponent has the ball. As a back, you need to make sure your keeper has the easiest game of his life. Defend, defend, defend. Make sure if the ball is in your defensive third... CLEAR IT!

What does each position in soccer do?

Forward-score goals halfbacks-defence/score fullback-defenders Goalkeeper: Is allowed to use his hands, but only in the penalty area so he just stands in the goal trying to save any shots from the other team Defender: Try to stop goals being conceded Midfielder: Support attackers and defenders Forwards: Try to score goals

What is 9 equals P on a S T?

9 Players on a Soccer Team (In Professional Soccer, teams have 11 Players. In recreational Soccer, a team can haveonly five, seven or nine players on the bench, and can make just three substitutions throughout the match.)