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Q: Can all constraints on motion be overcome with an adaptation in volleyball?
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What is the motion of an out ball in volleyball?


What are constraints in classical mechanics?

It is a motion which can be proceed in a specified path. Particle motion is restricted along some specified path.

What is the motion in spiking volleyball?

to spike a volleyball you swing your arms behind your back and when you jump you reach for the ball, spiking it with your wrist.

What is the name of the skill used in volleyball to put the ball in motion?


Is serving a volleyball like newtons second law of motion?


How hard do you have to hit the volleyball ball for it to go down?

you hve to hit the ball with a downward motion :)

How is science related to volleyball?

Volleyball is played for athletic rather than scientific reasons, however, if you wanted to you could use the motion of the ball as an example of ballistic motion as described by Newtonian mechanics and the law of gravity. There is also quite a bit of chemistry involved in the manufacture of volleyballs.

Do forces always result on motion?

No, because force is too weak to overcome friction.

How is math used in spiking a volleyball?

In volleyball math is used when you hit the ball. You use angles and force to hit the ball in a downward motion causing you to hit the ball or otherwise spike the ball.

What is space adaptation syndrome?

It is a type of motion sickness experienced while astronauts adapt to a weightlessness environment.

How do static friction and kinetic differ from each other?

Static friction is a force that must be overcome to start motion. Kinetic friction is the force that must be overcomne during motion or the motion stops.

Is the vertical motion of a projectile accelerated?

Yes, the projectile needs to be accelerated to overcome the acceleration of gravity.