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yes, because the person want to be selected.

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Q: Can a varsity soccer player starter also start JV?
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Can a High school baseball player start on varsity as a starting pitcher then be put on JV?

Yes he can start and pitch on varsity and go down to J.V. It is allowed as long as the pitcher does not play Varsity and J.V. in the same day..

Can a sophomore varsity football player letter?

Yes they can. I received one last year. I was moved up from the J.V. level to start at Varsity.

What age do you need to start playing to be a pro soccer player?


What Olympic athletes names start with an I?

Imbrahimovic, that swedish football/soccer player

Is 13 too late to start playing soccer?

It's never too late to start soccer. Except if you want to be a professional player, it's too late.

How much does a rookie soccer player make in a year?

Usually, rookie soccer players start out from 45-50,000 dollars a year.

What athletes last name start with the letter x?

The soccer player Xavier played in the early years of international soccer.-JF

When did mia Hamm start playing soccer?

Mia Hamm started playing soccer when she was nine but she was 15 before she was in the women's soccer team and she was the youngest player to this day

How did el chicharito start playing soccer?

As a youth player in Club Deportivo Guadalajara.

What are negative effects of extracurricular activities?

I play varsity soccer for my highschool and sometimes, after a long game or strenous activity, i cant finish or even start on my homework due to exaustion. hope this helps. -ACE

How do you start off a soccer game?

First the coach will start us off, by flipping a coin and the player gets it right start with the ball.

When do you start the clock on a 60 yard dash on player movement or your voice?

On your voice or the starter pistol.

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