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No because you may not go onto your opponents side of the court.

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Q: Can a tennis player move around the side of the net to play a shot?
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What do you call a person that play tennis?

tennis player

How many miles does a tennis player cover during a 3-set pro match?

The amount of miles that a tennis player covers during a 3-set pro match completely depends on the player and how match they move around when they play. The area covered could vary greatly depending on the player.

What percent of the world population play tennis?

if it is tennis almost 73% play tennis. so around 73.5 or 72.5!

Is tennis expencive?

Tennis can be expensive, but it does not have to be. It depends on how serious a player you are and how often you play!

Does every player in tennis play in the Australian Open?

No, tennis players have to qualify themselves to play the Australian Open.

What sport did Rene Lacoste Play?

He was a Tennis player

How many tennis matches does a tennis player play in a year?

It depends on how often they play or if they are professional, then how many tournaments they go to.

What part of speech is of tennis?

Adjective or noun. It is an adjective if you say, "Alex is a good tennis player." because it modifies player. It is a noun if you say "I play tennis."

Is it hard to play tennis when you get older?

Yes cause it's harder to move

Where can you play tennis?

you can play tennis any were as long as their is a tennis court to play on.

Who was the first one to play tennis?

We don't know who the first two people to play tennis were, but the first tennis player whose name we know is King Louis X of France.

The youngest tennis player ever to play at Wimbledon?

Boris Becker

What sport did Peter Sampras play?

He is a very famous tennis player.

What did sally ride play as a young woman?

She wanted to be a tennis player.

Which are the countries in which tennis is played?

Tennis is played almost all around the world. You'd have to look at it from the perspective of which countries do not play tennis.

What kind of tennis player is Dementieva?

Elena Dementieva was a tennis player from Russia. She was known to play an offensive style of tennis, usually staying near the baseline. She used her forehand mostly.

What is the degree needed for a professional tennis player?

It is not necessary to have any sort of scholastic degree to play professional tennis.

Do narwhals play tennis?

i think they play everything but tennis its bluewhales that play tennis

Why do students who play sports react faster than those who don't?

Because playing sports 'tunes up' a persons reactions. Think about a tennis player - with time and practice a tennis player learns to 'second guess' their opponents next move, and reacts accordingly.

How could you play tennis?

To play tennis, you need a tennis court, a tennis racket for each player, and a tennis ball. If you are playing singles, one player stands on each side of the net, for doubles, two players are on each side of the net. Players hit the ball with the racket back and forth over the net.

In table tennis is it allowed for a player to hit his own table with his paddle?

Yes. You can hit the table but if you move the table while the ball is still in play, you lose the point.

What sport did Sally Ride play as a kid?

Sally Ride was an amazing tennis player as a kid. In fact that was her plan to grow up and be a proffesional tennis player!

What happens if tennis player steps on service line while serving the ball?

i do not tennis or watch a game

What leisure did Tudor poor people play?

They played tennis and maybe football as Henry The 8th made tennis as he use to batter around his enemies heads around and he called it tennis!

What sport does Li Na play?

Li Na is a professional tennis player.