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Q: Can a tennis player cross over to the opponents side to check the ball mark?
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Can a tennis player reach over the net to volley a ball before it has crossed the net?

No. The only time when a players arm and racquet can cross the net into the opponents side of the court is when the ball has bounced on their side and spins/blows back onto the opponents side.

What is the religion of Tsonga the tennis player?

He is christian. He does the cross after winning games.

Can a defensive player cross the line of scrimmage to listen in on an opponents huddle?

That would be unsportsman like conduct, which is a 15 yard penalty.

What are the foul lines on ping pong table?

there are no foul lines for singles in table tennis, but for doubles you are only allowed to serve from the right half of your side of the table to the opponents right half (cross court/table).

Which is the odd one out tennis cricket table tennis or la cross?

La Crosse!

Were does Adrian smith of iron maiden live?

Adrian lives near gerrards cross buckinghamshire. He is a really Good bloke and a fair tennis player.

What sport keeps you fittest?

Soccer and tennis

What is the best cross training for tennis?

You should probably practice soccer because it emphasizes good footwork, which is critical in tennis.

What do Americans call trainers?

Sneakers, tennis shoes or cross trainers.

What are Romania's sports or recreational activities?

Football, ski, swimming, trekking, tennis, table tennis, ice skating, cross, etc.

Where are you allowed to put a shock absorber on a tennis racquet?

ITF dictates use of shock absorber in a tennis racket. It can only be placed below the bottom cross string or above the top cross string.

What 2 types of checking do hockey players use to get the puck away from their opponents?

You must live in phoenix arizona. The one type of check is called a poke check where you poke the puck with your stick off of the opponents stick. The other i guess is a body check where you skate really hard and typically lead your shoulder into the opponent and try to knock him down or off the puck however there are manny forms of this depending on what balance you have and where the opponent is on the ice. Add to that the hip check, the sweep check and the cross check (for which their is a penalty, but players often get away with it) and we're way over two types of checks.

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