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Yes. if the play is dead.

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Q: Can a team call back to back time outs in basketball?
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Can a assistant coach call a time out?

No. A team cannot call back to back time outs. However, opposing teams can call back to back time outs. The second time out is a 40 second timeout.

Is there a basketball team in France?

yes. They are call the french octopus team of noobs.

What basketball team calls the Moncton Coliseum home?

There are a few basketball team that call the Moncton Coliseum home. One such team is the Moncton Miracles. This women's basketball team considers the Moncton Coliseum as its home arena.

What can you do to make basketball team?

You can sign up to join, and try out during Try-Outs!

I quit basketball and its my senior year. How can I join basketball in college?

go to try outs or show the team that u are pretty good

What is the name of the NCAA men's college basketball team that was the first team to win back-to-back NCAA men's basketball championships by beating NYU in 1945 and North Carolina in 1946?

This team was Oklahoma State.

How many outs in an inning in basketball?

In a standard baseball game, there are three outs per inning for each team, with nine innings played. If the home team is ahead after the visiting team has batted in the ninth inning, the game is over at that point (as there is no need for the home team to bat).

Who was the last team to win back to back ncaa basketball titles?

Florida in 2006 and 2007

Can only the captain of a basketball team call timeouts?

Generally speaking, no. The rules change a little from place to place, but in most professional basketball leagues all players on the court can call a time-out if theur team is in posetion of the ball.

How many basketball teams are in the state of Georgia?

It has one. the team is call atlanta hawks.

What basketball team is the best at fake-outs and has had an undefeated record since they were founded?

The answer is a team that you may not think. The team is the Harlem Globetrotters. They have never lost to the Washington Generals.

How long is a youth basketball court?

In high school basketball, how many time-outs can each team call?