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Q: Can a sport agent Represent both nba and nfl athletes?
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Which sport has the most physically fit athletes?

Nordic Skiing and Swimming. Both sports have athletes with the best BO2 max body tests.

Why isn't sumo wrestling in Olympics?

Because today any new sport that wants to become an Olympic sport has to have both male and female athletes.

What did the modern athletes have in common with the Greek athletes?

they were both in the olympics!

Which greek god is the protector of athletes?

Both Hermes and Hercules were gods of athletes.

Is softball a game or a sport?

Softball is both a game (a game of softball) and a sport (the popular sport of softball.

Is athletes foot biotic or abiotic?

Athletes foot is biotic since it is a fungus

Who does a Real estate agent represent?

either the buyer or seller of a property There are several types of representation that a real estate agent may be hired to perform. The agent can be retained in a single agency representation to represent the seller or as a buyer-agent representing the buyer. Single agency results in a fiduciary relationship to either the buyer or seller, but not both. Dual agency is where the real estate agent owes a fiduciary relationship to both parties and is not permitted in many states. A real estate agent can also be retained to provide what is called transaction brokerage whereby they do not represent either the buyer or the seller but instead performs services to facilitate the transaction and would be bound to treat both parties fairly but does not owe a fiduciary relationship to either. When retaining the services of a real estate agent inquire as to the nature of their representation and who they in fact represent. Keep in mind that as their representation of a particular party to the transaction evolves, the representation obligations and fiduciary duties may change. It is obligation of the real estate agent to disclose in establishing a relationship and also if and when it changes during the transaction.

Why are the Olympic Games and the Commonwealth Games so important?

Both games only occur once every 4 years and they are the pinnacle of sport in that only the best athletes manage to win medals

Is it do sport or watch sport?

It can be both. If you are playing a sport for a team. Then you are doing a sport. If you just sitting on your sofa, you are watching a sport.

Is the Breaststroke a professional sport or an amateur sport only?


Is football a game or sport?

It is basically both a game and a sport.

Is nitrous acid an oxidizing agent or reducing agent?

it is both oxidizing as well as reducing agent

How can you argue that athletes earn to much?

No one can argue that athletes earn too much. Athletes are entertainers. They play a sport to entertain a crowd just like an actor performs in a play to entertain a crowd. People pay money to see both events. Both athletes and actors are paid according to their worth as ticket draws. An athlete or actor who brings a large group of people to an arena or theater makes a lot of money. People pay a lot of money to see the best. As long as people throw money at athletic events, athletes in the top tier will earn a lot of money.

What sport did dirk nowitzki and Kevin Durant play professionally?

Both of these athletes are NBA basketball players. Dirt Nowitski plays for Dallas Mavericks and Kevin Durant players for oklahoma city thunder.

Is gymnastics a sport of strength?

it's both a sport of strength and flexibility

What types of athletes go to sports clinics?

Both amateur and professional athletes go to sports clinics. Additionally non- athletes with athletic impairing conditions also go.

Is darts a sport or a game?

It is both.

Is waterpolo a sport or a hobby?


Who is the patron saint of athletic women?

There is no female saint of athletes. Saint Sebastion is the patron saint for both male and female athletes.

Is darts a sport?

yes darts is a sport and it is played it the olympics

What kind of sport is basketball is it an indoor or outdoor or both?

It is Both

How does NCSA assist athletes?

The NCSA helps athletes to find colleges that will help them succeed both athletically and academically. They also help such athletes in finding scholarships and other opportunities that are available to them.

Is oxygen the oxidizing agent in combustion and the reducing agent in corrosion?

oxygen is the oxidizing agent in both corrosion and combustion

What is a modified sport?

A modified sport is a sport derived from another sport. Eg. rugby and basketball are both sports that were derived from Football.

Is squash ateam or an individual sport?

It can be played both an individual sport (singles) and a team sport (doubles)