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No. It is an INDOOR Basketball

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2010-07-03 21:10:16
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Q: Can a spalding tf-1000 pro basketball be used outside?
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Which company's basketball is used a lot?

Spalding and Molten ;)

What is the most common basketball used for a basketball game?

nba : spalding euroleague: molten. i personally prefer molten

Who already invented the basketball and what year it invented?

AG Spalding invented the first basketball used in an official game in 1929.

What sports company makes the basketballs used by the National Basketball Association?

Spalding made basketballs are the official ball of the NBA. I believe that the Wilson company is the official college basketball.

What is the circumference of a women's basketball?

The official basketballs used in the WNBA are made by Spalding and are 28.5 inches in circumference. The basketballs used in the NBA are 1-inch larger at 29.5 inches in circumference.

What is the best basketball you can buy?

The best basketball would be of Spalding as it is used by the NBA players and is most commonly used in their games... To be precise it should have a strong grip, nd perfect weight according to your convenience and should be of the official size 29.5 {approx.}!

What brand of basketballs is used in the NBA?


Did the first basketballs have seams cut on the outside?

The first basketball was invented in 1942 by a physical education teacher named, James Naismith. The first basketball had seams on the outside that was used to identify the type of ball it was, and it was also used to for support. The seams in the basketball help the person playing keep grip of the ball.

What type of basketball is used in NCAA?

There a many different balls used. Generally speaking each conference has it's official ball. The official ball for the tournament is the Wilson Solution. This ball is commonly used by other schools as well. Some schools use the Nike Elite Championship ball and I believe I've seen teams use the Spaulding TF1000 (a very common ball at the high school level).

Why is leather plastic and a rubber bladder used to make a basketball?

The basketball is made of an outer coating surrounding an inner rubber bladder. The leather outside is normally on an indoor-only ball and is easily ruined if used outside. There are indoor/outdoor composite balls that are designed for recreational use.

Where does basketball get used?

A basketball gets used when you play basketball.

What is the difference of running shoes from basketball shoes?

Running shoes are shoes exclusively for outdoor activities like jogging. While basketball shoes are shoes that can be used both indoor and outdoor activities like inside a basketball gym and sometimes it can also be used outside when there's basketball arena/field around.

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