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no, how will she pitch

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Q: Can a softball pitcher wear a glove on her pitching hand?
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Related questions

Can a pitcher wear a batting glove?

No. (only on his glove hand. Not on his pitching hand).

How long is an softball glove?

It depends how big your hand is

How does the pitcher pitch the ball in softball?

a pitcher throws a softball under hand in a circular motion

Why does a softball sting when the pitcher pitches the ball to the catcher?

The velocity of the softball that is pitched is fast enough to hit the catchers glove with a lot of force so it causes the catcher's hand to sting or hurt

What is the uses of glove in softball?

The use of a softball glove is so it does not hurt your hand when someone throws it and it is also used for an aim so you do not have to aim with your hand. ( That would look silly.)

How do you know what size softball glove to get?

Depends on your size of hand. My batting glove is a Medium && i have a 13"-14" glove

Can a pitcher wear a batting glove or wear a wrist band on his glove hand?


What does left throw mean when buying a softball glove?

It means you throw with the left hand, so you need a glove to fit the right hand.

How do catch and throw a softball?

with a baseball glove and to throw it use your bare hand

How many movements can a pitcher make when pitching?

A pitcher can only make one smooth movement with her pitching arm. Any pause after the start of the motion (which is incited by the end of the touch of the throwing hand and the glove) is a balk and all runners advance.

What size baseball glove is right for a high school pitcher?

11 3/4-12 depending on size of hand. However for a pitcher it should be at least 11.5. Most prefer 12. Make sure glove does not have I or H posts, traps or closed webbing for pitching.

Where is a softball pitcher's release point?

I think you release when your hand gets at your knee

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