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He can but he musy meet the age requirements as well.

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Q: Can a soccer player play in the world cup U17 and U 20 the same year?
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What are some similarities of professional soccer and regular soccer?

Depends on where you play for this one. Professional soccer is pretty much the same for everywhere, but regular soccer differs around the world.

Do they play soccer different in Estonia?

No. Soccer is an international sport, with standard rules around the world. There are different variations of soccer, like 5-a-side, but they are the same around the world. So the standard rules of soccer apply in Estonia, like in other countries.

How do you play Italian soccer?

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What is the biggest sport in the world?

It is probably soccer. Soccer is the biggest sport in the world I think because they have leagues all over the world other than like basketball or football. In football they have lots of leagues but different rules, but soccer is worldwide and has the same rules wherever you play it.

What does the red flag mean in soccer?

Do you mean a red card? When a Referee gives someone a red card in a soccer match, that player is sent of for that match AND the following match. If a player gets 2 yellow cards in THE SAME MATCH, it is the same as getting a red card, and the player hasto leave the field for the match and cannot play for the following match.

Whats the purpose of the job of being a pro soccer player?

Well, its the same as any other sport, whether it be baseball, football etc. Professional soccer players play because they love the sport and for entertainment.

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Soccer and football r the same thing

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they are the same

Have the rules for Soccer remained the same over time?

No, the Laws of the Game do not remain the same over time. They have been changed a little bit over the years by FIFA, soccer's world governing body to better accommodate play and improve the game.

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In Milan at the same stadium as inter Milan.